10 Questions To Never Ask Her On A First Date

When going on a first date, it’s important to be respectful and mindful of the topics you discuss to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience for both parties. Here are 10 questions that are generally considered inappropriate or too personal for a first date:

  1. Financial inquiries: Avoid asking direct questions about their salary, financial status, or how much they earn. Money matters can be sensitive and personal.
  2. Past relationships: It’s not a good idea to delve into their past relationships, especially asking about why they broke up or details about their ex-partners.
  3. Political or religious beliefs: These topics can be divisive and might lead to heated discussions. It’s better to approach these subjects cautiously or avoid them altogether on a first date.
  4. Health or medical history: Inquiring about someone’s health issues or medical history can be intrusive and uncomfortable.
  5. Family issues: Refrain from asking about family conflicts, estrangements, or personal family matters on a first date. These topics can be sensitive and private.
  6. Age-related questions: Avoid asking about their age directly, especially if you suspect they might be older or younger than they appear. Some people might find this offensive or uncomfortable.
  7. Deeply personal questions: Questions about traumatic experiences, deep insecurities, or personal struggles should be avoided on a first date as they can be overwhelming and inappropriate for an initial meeting.
  8. Sexual history or preferences: Discussions about sex, past sexual experiences, or intimate preferences are best reserved for later, once there’s more comfort and trust established in the relationship.
  9. Controversial or sensitive topics: Avoid discussing sensitive or controversial topics like abortion, highly polarizing social issues, or anything that might lead to a disagreement or discomfort.
  10. Joblessness or career struggles: Refrain from prying into their employment situation, especially if they’re currently unemployed or facing career challenges. This can be a sensitive area for many people.

Remember, the goal of a first date is to get to know each other in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. It’s best to focus on light-hearted and positive conversation topics while being respectful of each other’s boundaries.


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