15 Surprising Reasons Why Guys Like Big Butts

Are you wondering why do guys like big butts? Apart from simply being nice to look at, there are also more complex reasons why guys are attracted to big booties. One such reason is that they lead to higher fertility.

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj … These curvy girls with big booties are being praised and watched by thousands (or better said millions) of people and I’m sure that there isn’t a single guy out there who can resist watching that big booty, mesmerizing long hair, and thick thighs when one of them appears on the small screen.

Now, even though they are celebs and not ordinary humans like us, that doesn’t really make a difference, because no guy can ignore any girl with big butt cheeks when he sees one on the street!

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The effect of big booty on a man’s brain is always the same. And do you know why?

Because I myself am a heterosexual female, but even I can’t look away from a nice, big butt —I just can’t help but look in its direction.

Especially if it’s nicely shaped and firm. (Yes, it took me a while to admit this one, but here it is… anything for the greater good—I mean booty.)

I never quite understood why do guys like big butts, so I started investigating, while at the same time looking for motivation to hit the gym (more regularly) and enlarge my fellow glutes too!

I decided to do a little survey among my guy friends and some random men in general, to finally reveal the mystery of beautifully big behinds and why they are so madly attracted to them.

And all I can say is that the reasons why guys love girls with large buns are perfectly understandable and more than ordinary!

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Imagine what would happen if we could read each other’s minds. It would be a curse and a blessing, all in one. So, here goes…

Why Do Guys Like Big Butts

They are a damn sexy feminine trait

Killer female features can sweep many men off their feet, but a nice, perky, big butt is definitely number one—that, or big boobs, depending on whether your guy is a boob guy or a butt guy.

Maybe it’s a cliché, but most guys are suckers for the hourglass figure. None of them get turned on if a girl doesn’t showcase her characteristics.

I’m not saying you should get naked, just dress with taste and dignity and that’s enough to let their imaginations run wild. Give them just enough to make them want more.

They are simply nice to look at

Men like big butts. Period. Men are visual creatures; it’s as simple as that. So, if they see a beautiful woman in a swimsuit or sexy tight leggings, they will be instantly attracted to her.

Of course, they will check out her eyes, her smile, her hair, and last but not least, they will check out her body type with the focus on her butt cheeks. Truth be told, a nice butt captures the gaze of both men and women.

A big bootie sparks every guy’s imagination and they spend a great amount of time observing that particular part of the female body.

They are nice to feel

Big booty with the perfect amount of fat in the right places can serve as a pillow, hand warmer, or just something squishy and fun to play with.

There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly shaped big butt to make a guy lose his mind and there’s nothing more soothing than the feeling of warmth from a nicely shaped booty!

Perfect resting place for their hands

My friends told me that when they hug a girl, the only logical place to put their hands is her butt, and if it’s nice, big, and squishy, they’ve hit the jackpot.

They like to grab it and play with it, especially in the bedroom. It seriously turns them on.

When a girl is on top, putting his hands on her butt is a must. Grabbing a nice, woman’s butt is extremely satisfying to guys.

How to make him lose his mind

They look perfect in jeans

There is a difference between what men like and what women like.

Women, on the one hand, like to look lean and long in their jeans, while men can’t resist seeing a woman in a perfectly fitting pair of jeans that accentuate her curves.

They are also really crazy about seeing a woman trying to pull up jeans over her thighs and butt

I guess they get immense satisfaction by watching the process of a big booty entering really fit jeans. They like to see that there is something holding those jeans up.

So, in a contest between a flat butt versus a nice, plump, round ass, the former doesn’t stand a chance.

They are a sign of being in good shape

A nice, perky, big, round butt means that the girl really cares about her body.

She is definitely working out to make her bottom appealing and in one word—beautiful.

So, it’s no wonder that guys get turned on by bigger butts; it tells them that women who have them take care of their bodies, which equals hitting the gym regularly.

This cognition is extremely sexy to any guy out there because they immediately imagine a woman doing squats and their heart starts beating more rapidly.

They can’t help but drool at the thought of seeing a woman in thousands of different sexy positions at the gym.


And if you add sweat and accelerated breathing, there you have it—the perfect combination to fire any guy’s imagination!

It’s forbidden territory

Guys are usually aware that the butt is off-limits. It’s a place they are usually forbidden to enter, if you know what I mean.

And that is why a butt (especially a big butt ) is that much more attractive —because it’s forbidden territory and they can’t have it, which makes them want it even more.

That’s why guys are obsessed with sex positions that include or accentuate a woman’s behind in the bedroom; it makes them feel like they are breaking the rules for gaining access to a no-go zone (if you catch my drift).

They mean higher fertility

Evolutionary psychologists suggest that men are attracted to rounded buttocks because they are a visual indication of the woman’s youth and fertility.

It’s scientifically proven that girls with big derrieres have wider hips. Therefore, it’s easier for them to give birth. That is something guys are subconsciously attracted to.

It’s written in their genetic code, which means they’re compelled to look at their potential mates for procreation.

One study found that men (subconsciously) prefer women with a spinal curvature of a 45-degree angle. This type of spinal curve enables them to remain mobile during pregnancy without the risk of injuring themselves.

Lead researcher Dr. David Lewis explains it in the following way:

“This spinal structure would have enabled pregnant women to balance their weight over the hips. These women would have been more effective at foraging during pregnancy and less likely to suffer spinal injuries. In turn, men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury.”

So, it’s not strange that women who are “scientifically fit” for childbirth attract men. Also, believe it or not, girls with big booties often breed healthier and smarter children! Why?

Because butt and thigh fat stores special omega-3 fatty acids that are also found in the mother’s breast milk and which are crucial for the baby’s brain development. In the real world, attraction seems to be a complex thing.

They serve as perfect pillows

To be perfectly honest, I’d like to sleep on a nice, round, big butt. I bet they would serve better than a pillow and that was the exact answer these men I interviewed gave. (I think rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot would agree on this one, too).

A big ass serves as a perfect cushion, plus it’s way softer than the softest pillow, so it’s really hard (if not impossible) to ignore the charms of such royal comfort. Well, now it makes sense why guys like big butts.

They are ideal cuddle buddies

Whenever you want to snuggle with someone, wouldn’t you think it would be better to snuggle and cuddle with someone who is soft rather than bony?

That’s why men prefer cuddling with girls with big booties. They have a place to rest their heads on and just fall asleep peacefully. It is literally heaven for their senses.

They’re a sign of superior intuition

Some scientists have reason to believe that emotional intelligence and butt size are connected, as women develop emotional intelligence around the same time as they gain curves in puberty.

So, why do guys like big butts? Women who have big derrieres develop superior social skills in order to select a potential mate.

Girls with big derrieres understand things more quickly and they are also more intuitive than girls with flat butts.

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They’re like a drug

There was a study that proved that big booties affect the same part of the male brain that is triggered by alcohol and drugs.

The researchers showed men pictures of women before and after butt enlargement surgery while they monitored their brains.

These men’s brains were literally intoxicated with the beauty of big derrieres, which evoked the same attraction and obsession as if they were a drug. Interesting one, right? Human behavior never ceases to amaze me.

They make your waist look thinner

Why do guys like big buttsA big butt makes every waist-to-hip ratio look thinner.

No matter how wide it is, if it’s proportional to a girl’s waist, it’s a win-win situation—for the woman who has it and for men to look at it.

Also, it’s a perfect area for them to place their hands on their waist.

They lower the risk of high cholesterol

Girls who have big booties are not in danger of getting sick from a chronic illness. Why?

Because the extra fat that is found in the butt is pretty much harmless in comparison with stomach fat, which can be extremely dangerous and can cause heart disease and all kinds of chronic diseases.

They are just popular

Big booties are extremely popular in today’s culture. Women with them are seen as sex symbols and are very desirable.

So it’s no wonder that men like them because they are constantly surrounded by them.

And I think I don’t even have to repeat any names of those famous big derrieres because we’ve all memorized them very well.

Also, big booties are featured not only in magazines and on TV, but have also made appearances in songs and movies. Every second song has a big butt in it.

It’s like someone is sending men subliminal messages to keep worshipping these bootylicious gifts of God, so it’s no surprise that girls with big derrieres are simply every guy’s dream!


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