40 Sensual Ways to Turn a Guy On And Make Him Lust And Fantasize About You

If you want to know the way to turn on a guy, the truth is that it’s really not as difficult as you think. These tips will help you figure out his biggest turn ons, be it inside or outside of the bedroom.

If you know how to turn a guy on, you basically have all the knowledge you’ll ever need to be amazing in bed. The kicker? Not many of us know how to do this.

Sure, we know all the sweet spots to touch, but to really turn them on? That’s when it gets tricky if you have no clue what to do.

But it can be done. You may have to practice for a while, but once you nail down this special trick, you’ll have all the guys drooling over you.

Keep a guy interested by knowing his turn-ons

For women, getting a guy to make out with you is definitely not the difficult part. However, the next step is often where we falter.

An interested guy is not hard to find, but often a guy expects you to lead when showing him how interested you are. So, how should you attempt the practice of turning on your man?

You might be thinking, “Why is it necessary that I learn how to turn on a guy?”

Well, not only will it make you an absolute beast when it comes to your dating life, but it will also have a ripple effect on your confidence.

You will be able to turn on a guy, and you’ll exude confidence.

Men love confidence, so suddenly, you’ll have hoards of men gagging to be with you. And almost with no effort, you will become a temptress that can make a guy horny by just being around him for a few minutes.

How to make him feel turned on before and during a make-out session

These tips can be used by anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the makeout game or if you’re an experienced temptress just looking to try something new to spice things up in your relationship.

If you are finding you’ve lost an element of spark or sexual chemistry in a long-term relationship, or you’re looking to ignite a spark for the very first time, these tips will help you have the hottest make-out session, ever.

1. Be confident and self-assured

This is easier said than done for some of us. If you are not a naturally confident person, this might take a little bit of work and effort.

Be assured of yourself. Buy some sexy underwear if that makes you feel good, or go to the gym and get some endorphins before you get on top of your man.

Whatever makes you feel sexy and confident, and whatever works for you is going to do the trick. Every woman is different, so find what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

2. Know what you want, and demand it

Similar to the first tip around self-assurance, it is important to know what you like, and ask for it from him. As we said before, guys love a girl who knows what she wants.

If you don’t know what you like, take some time to explore yourself and your sexuality before you try doing so with him.

Don’t be a fragile little girl. We’re well into the 2020s, you don’t have to pretend to be innocent and naïve. Women are more than allowed to love sex!

3. Be mysterious

Don’t let all of your skills be showcased right away! Be mysterious, tease him, and let his mind run wild with fantasies of what’s going to happen once you take off your clothes.

The chase is sexy, and teasing a man will make him want to have sex with you right there and then.

4. Show your décolletage

The entire area of your collarbone and chest is a huge sexual turn on for a guy in general. However, many women tend to wear their hair over their chest or wear a jacket that covers that area.

Pull your hair back or just brush it over your shoulder so he can see this entire area. Guys are very visual, and that specific spot is known to turn them on a lot.

5. Lean in and whisper

If you’re sitting next to a guy, don’t be afraid to lean in and tell him sexy sweet nothings. Whisper it in his ear so he can feel your hot breath against his ear and neck.

This spot is a widely known erogenous zone, and believe us, he’ll basically pop a boner.

6. Make sexual jokes

But don’t be overly sexual or downright start dirty talking. So long as he knows you have a rather dirty mind, it’ll get the wheels turning in his head. We know you have just as dirty of a mind as he does, so put it to use!

What’s a better way to turn a guy on than allowing him to see a little bit of your sexual side? It’ll really get him going.

7. Use a sexy wink

Guys want to know that you’re thinking about something naughty. They want to see that side of you.

Giving them a wink not only shows how interested in them you are, it also shows that you’ve got naughty thoughts in your mind.

This wink also intrigues them simply because it could mean so many things. You could be thinking about something dirty, you could have a joke in mind, and it just makes you seem more mysterious in general. And that definitely turns a guy on.

8. Genuinely laugh and smile

A girl who can throw her head back and laugh and smile with ease is attractive. It shows a guy that you’re easygoing and very positive.

When a guy thinks you won’t come with any drama and irritation, he’ll love it and be way more turned on. So let yourself laugh and have a good time. He’ll like you more for it.

9. Wear fitted clothing

Men are visual beings. They see something that catches their eye, and it’s all they can think about.

If you intend to turn a guy on without touching him, you have to know what guys find attractive. And according to science, that’s curves.

It doesn’t matter if it’s accentuated boobs, hips, or your booty. So long as he gets to see one or the other, his mind will immediately be in a naughty place.

10. Wear something slightly sheer

Luckily, this style is becoming more and more popular and accepted everywhere. We don’t mean that you have to show your nipples through a white t-shirt. That’s a bit absurd and looks rather trashy on most women.

Instead, wear something sexy and slightly sheer where he can see your bra or lingerie through it.

This is very tasteful, but it also lets a man get a good look at the parts of your body. Don’t be afraid to look sexy. Embrace it.

11. Compliment something semi-naughty about him

Again, if a guy knows your mind is on something dirty, his will go there right away. For that reason, complimenting something about him that hints at sex is another great way to turning on a man.

Our favorite way to do this is to mention his lips. It’s really easy to turn him on by leaning in close and telling him he has really great lips.

That’s all you have to say. Leave it at that, and you’ll make any man not able to keep his hands to himself.

12. Have a sense of humor

Don’t be uptight. Learn to joke with him and laugh with him. Obviously, if he’s making jokes that are offensive or crude, he’s not a guy you’re wanting to turn on anyways.

Enjoy his sense of humor and show him that you have one too. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who can joke around with a guy.

13. Love yourself

Though you may not realize it, self-confidence and self-respect are a huge turn on for men. Loving the skin you’re in is the first thing you need to do before even thinking about guys.

A real man is turned on by a woman who loves herself and the body she has.

14. Talk about his passions

If you find out what he likes, you can use those topics to strike up a conversation.

For example, if he’s into baseball, bring up a game that just happened or a future game you’re interested in seeing. This is a great way to make subtle hints without diving right in.

Learning how to turn on a guy isn’t always sexual, sometimes you have to engage his mind too.

15. Don’t be too available

That’s right. If you want to learn how to turn on a guy without being obvious, you need to keep some mystery between you. When it comes to the chase, no one likes an easy catch.

But in all seriousness, you should continue on with your life and not try to make yourself available for him. In the end, that’s what will also keep him interested.

16. Lightly touch him

This doesn’t mean you should jump on him. When you’re laughing at a joke he made or just talking, you can lightly touch his arm or shoulder. Physical contact doesn’t need to be intense to show him you’re interested.

Plus, it’s a good way to gauge how he feels, whether he accepts the touch or moves away.

17. Don’t overlook the hug

A hug is quite powerful and can tell you a lot about the person you’re hugging.

If you’re hugging a guy goodbye or hi, let it linger just a bit and hold the hug a couple of seconds longer. It’s subtle, but it will tell him how you feel.

You don’t need to hug him all of the time, but when you do hug him, make it count.

18. Make use of music

When the mood is right, don’t be shy about putting some music on. Music not only puts us in a relaxed state, but it also connects people.

Putting on some feel-good music can get him in the mood and trigger arousal more than touch.


19. Use your hair

Your hair can come in handy when it comes to subtle flirting. Running your hand through your hair or moving it out of your face are subtle acts that’ll make his eyes focus on your face.

It’s sweet and super sexy.

And when you’re ready to make out with him, use these tips to turn him on even more …

20. Take the reins when turning on a guy

Women don’t always have to let guys take control. Although some guys like to be in control sometimes; it is a common myth that they always want to be in charge.

If you always let a guy lead, they won’t experience the pleasure of knowing you crave them and want their touch.

Men get excited when you tell them you want them. Show him where you want to be touched, move him around when you’re trying to turn him on. Act demanding, like you know what you’re doing sexually.

Be bad, it’s actually pretty fun, and it’ll drive your man crazy.

21. Have some fun with his ears

Kissing should not always be about the mouth. Take your kissing all around his body, especially the sensuous areas that are known for turning a guy on.

One of the most sensitive parts for men is their ear lobe and all around the side of the ear. Have a nibble, use your tongue.

Switch things up so that he feels your tongue, mouth, and lips all over him. This is absolutely irresistible and he will get in the mood.

22. Use the nape of the neck

Continuing on from the ears, take a quick trip down to the neck. The nape of the neck is an instantaneous turn on for a lot of guys. It shows that you’re moving down from the mouth and closer to where they really want you to be.

The neck is a fan favorite for turning on a guy! Just be careful not to give your man a hickey—guys aren’t fond of those.

23. Use your hands

Many women get stuck just using their mouth in a make-out session; so don’t restrict yourself!

Move your hands all around his body in a sensual manner and watch his eyes go wild with desire. It will instantly turn him on to know that your hands are starting to wander, because it’s exactly where he wanted this to go.

24. Grip him, and don’t let go

This tip is very much tied into the taking charge and demanding side of turning your guy on.

Grip him in places where it won’t be necessarily painful, but it will make him feel like you desperately want him and need him, like his thigh. The action of grabbing him will portray an overall sense of desire.

25. Press your body up against him

There is nothing sexier than being pinned up against a guy and having your bodies collide. The feeling of being as close as you can get with your clothes makes your minds run wild with what will happen once they come off.

For a guy, being pressed up against your body will allow him to either feel your boobs or your bum, and either one of these options will get him going. You might even feel something starting to press up on you once you try this technique out.

26. Position yourself on his lap

Now, for obvious reasons, this is going to get a guy all worked up. This is an especially good one if you know what your best asset is.

If it is your bum, he’ll be able to grab your ass while your rub up on him and wrap your legs around him. If it is your breasts, he’ll have a great view while you get him going by slowly rubbing up on him.

27. Kiss his collarbone

As you’re kissing your way further down his body, it will make him think you’re going to continue your trip further down. This will get him very excited straight away.

The best idea is to head down to the collarbone right after you’ve spent some time on his earlobes and the nape of his neck. This constant progression downwards will frustrate him and tease him intensely.

28. Get closer to what you’re turning on… *if you’re ready*

Now, this is definitely a bigger step, but a surefire way to drive your man wild close to orgasm. Whether it’s running your finger over his pants or looping your hands into his belt loops; he’ll start to feel like you’re getting to the place he really wants you to.

This move could quickly escalate your foreplay session to something a little less PG!

However, even if you’re just using it to tease him; it will turn him on completely to fantasize about how close your hands are to his penis.

29. Incorporate your tongue

Don’t forget about your tongue! It is one of the best tools we have to turn on a guy. Kissing is definitely about more than just your lips. The hottest kiss will definitely come with an element of tongue, if not a lot more!

However, don’t forget to use it in moderation! We don’t want a sloppy kiss, just one that will make him fantasize about where else your mouth could be.

30. Let him touch you up

In all honesty, he will probably try to do this of his own accord. So let him!

Let his hands explore your body and touch what he wants to. You know what your best assets are, so his hands will probably wander to what his eyes and mind have always wanted to touch. This is a surefire way if you want to turn your man on and drive him wild.

31. Run your hands through his hair and tug on it slightly

Run your hands through his hair and around the back of his head, or you can also massage his scalp with your fingertips.

While making out, a great show of desire is to tug on his hair slightly. This will show him that you desire him and want him, which will bring him an immense amount of pleasure and increase the build-up of sexual tension overall.

32. Communicate! It’s sexy

Don’t be nervous to tell him how you feel! Talk dirty and tell him that you’re so turned on by him, tell him how hot and attractive he is.

Communication is sexy, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If you tell him what you like and enjoy, he’ll feel comfortable reciprocating; opening up a form of healthy communication for future intimate sessions that will enhance your sex life.

33. Run your nails up and down his back

A little bit of pain is so hot. Run your fingernails up and down his neck, back, and over other parts of his body.

The scratching of your nails and the tingling sensation that your rubbing all over him will bring will be an immediate turn on for your guy. Don’t draw blood *obviously* but don’t be afraid to be forceful if it starts to turn him on.

34. Keep your hands on the sensual parts of his body consistently

Be consistent with your touching and rubbing all over his body. Don’t take your hands off the wheel, if that makes sense.

Try not to ever go into auto-pilot in a makeout session, because that is where you lose the spark. Rub all over him and explore parts of him that you haven’t touched or tried out yet.

35. Tease him

Teasing is fun. Why do you think edging is so popular in the bedroom? Getting your man excited and worked up will not only be enjoyable for him, it will also turn you on in the same way. Get your man in the mood, and then pull away once you got his attention.

Pleasuring your man will be enjoyable for you, and it’s fun to realize that you can have so much of an effect on him.

36. Give him ‘sex eyes’ to turn him on

Eye contact is so key when it comes to turning on your man. If you’ve ever watched porn, those sex eyes that they do are a real thing. They portray a ‘come hither’ look of passion, lust, and desire. All three being very key in any intimate encounter we have!

Your man will instantly know that you are not only attracted to him, but that you want him in the exact same way he wants you at that moment

37. Nibble on his body

We talked about how important the use of your tongue was, and now it’s time for the teeth.

Nibbling gently on your man’s bottom lip and then continuing to nibble around his body as you make your way down to the important areas is a surefire way to turn on a guy.

38. Make him feel like a man

Men want to feel like they are ‘the man,’ and one of the easy ways to turn a guy on fast is to make him feel powerful.

Make him feel sexy and confident in himself and what he has done to you to make you so attracted to him. Make him feel like ‘the man,’ and he will start to get more and more turned on.

39. Shoot him a secretive smile

We all know the sexy smile that we shoot someone whenever we feel ‘that’ urge.

Shoot him a sly and secretive smile which lets him know that you’re enjoying yourself just as much as he is enjoying himself.

This will encourage him to get more into what you are doing to him and reassure him that the sexual attraction is definitely reciprocated.

40. Bite your lip seductively

Lips, teeth, and mouth, are all seductive and sexual parts of the body. Lick your lips when you look at him, bite your lip when you glance down to look at an area that might excite him.

Look at him like you want to devour him, and let your body show him and react accordingly. Biting and licking your lips in a seductive way portray a feeling of hunger and desire that will intrigue and excite him.

Practice these tips and turn him on!

Although these tips are tried and true, they might take a little bit of practice or a boost of liquid courage to try them out successfully.

Remember, don’t be discouraged if not every tip or trick works on your guy. Turning on a guy is mostly about knowing what makes them tick. What turns on your guy might not quite do it for another.

Just experiment and see what works!

Trying to analyze how to turn on a guy while making out can be nerve-wracking! Take our advice and read these tips to turn him on like a pro.


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