Angelina Jolie’s Former Company Takes Brad Pitt Back To Court Over Chateau Miraval

The supposed settled Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt‘s battle over a French winery has taken a different turn!

The pair, who were married from 2014 to 2019, had been in court over their jointly owned property —Chateau Miraval — for several months; however, an agreement was announced in September 2021.

Nevertheless, it appears things have worsened as Jolie’s former company has filed a $250 million lawsuit against her ex-husband based on how the agreement was achieved. Here is all we know about the continued legal war!

Nouvel Lays Heavy Claims Against Brad Pitt

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 30: Dexter Fletcher at the "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" UK Premiere at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on July 30, 2019 in London, England. CAP/PL ©Phil Loftus/Capital Pictures. 30 Jul 2019 Pictured: Brad Pitt.

Although it seemed like Jolie and Pitt had moved on from their legal battle last year, legal documents obtained by ET prove otherwise in a different dynamic. The papers filed by Jolie’s former company, Nouvel, claim that the “Mr. &  Mrs. Smith” actor waged a “vindictive war as a way to wrestle away control of Chateau Miraval — which he and Jolie purchased in 2008.

The documents added that Pitt “masterminded a so-far-successful plan” to seize control of the French winery, using the business as his “personal fiefdom.” It went on to mention that the former lovebirds attempted to revive the winery’s “modest” business by investing “tens of millions of dollars on improvements to the property” through their investment companies — Mondo Bongo (Pitt) and Nouvel (Jolie).

The former couple also agreed that the winery’s day-to-day running was “left in the hands of Pitt” while his ex-wife focused on their humanitarian projects, including the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Even though Chateau Miraval enjoyed some boom, things between Jolie and Pitt would soon head downhill.

Nouvel mentions in the lawsuit that “Pitt developed a publicly acknowledged alcohol abuse problem.” It also brings up the infamous fight on a private flight in September 2016, claiming that “after a serious and internationally publicized incident between Pitt, Jolie, and the couple’s children, Jolie filed for divorce.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the red carpeet

The papers further claim that Pitt operated the 1,300-acre country estate after the divorce filing without Jolie’s input and that when the actress tried obtaining information and more control, her ex-husband “rebuffed” her. It alleges that since their divorce, Pitt  — with the help of Chateau Miraval’s directors — has “squandered tens of millions of Chateau Miraval’s money on vanity projects that have little, if any, business justification,” including over a million dollars on a swimming pool.

It states, “at Pitt’s direction, Chateau Miraval also commissioned a single staircase at the chateau to be built and rebuilt a total of four times after he was unhappy with the first three attempts.” All these and more prompted Jolie to attempt selling her interest. However, that did not pan out as the “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” star planned.


In fact, the suit claims that in October 2021, “after Pitt ignored Jolie’s final offer to sell her interest in the winery on the same terms Pitt had proposed, but without the hush-clause,” she sold it to the Russian oligarch and Stoli group owner, Yuri Shefler instead.

Despite Jolie’s removal from the picture and Stoli’s readiness to put its experience and total distribution weight behind Chateau Miraval, Pitt remained “unwilling to share control” and “refused to work with [Stoli] as an equal partner.” Although Pitt and Jolie have been locked in various legal dramas over the property for months, this latest filing is a countersuit against papers filed by Pitt’s legal team.

Angelina Jolie

The former it-couple bought the large estate three years after they started dating. They also held their wedding in a chapel on its grounds in 2014. It is also worthy of note that Jolie founded Nouvel to retain her stake in the winery then later sold the company to Stoli.

Angelina Jolie Attempted Selling Winery After Failed Negotiation

In September 2021, The Blast reported that Jolie and Pitt’s eternal battle over the winery had ended. The report noted that even though the pair were still at loggerheads over their children’s custody, a judge gave Jolie the nod she needed to sell her share of the property to a third party.

The judge signed off on an agreement that the couple jointly prepared, lifting the initial restraining order placed on the estate. The gag was placed on the vineyard during the early days of their divorce proceedings to prevent either party from transferring assets.

The couple who owned shares of the wine business and vineyard before they walked down the aisle became equal owners after Pitt took 10% out of his 60% share to add to Jolie’s 40%. Trouble began after Jolie decided to sell her shares to a third party following a failed negotiation with the “Fight Club” actor.

That move caused Pitt to file a suit, accusing his ex-wife of trying to cut him out of a lucrative deal regarding the winery.


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