Ashley Graham Displays ‘Perfect’ Stunning Body In Stirring Nude Photoshoot

Ashley Graham is taking her message of self-love and body positivity to another level, putting her magazine covers where her mouth is.

The supermodel recently debuted a magazine cover that was completely free of retouching and editing while assuring her fans that they were perfect the way they are.

Ashley Graham Graces Magazine Cover With Unfiltered Nude

Graham is a strong champion for body positivity, self-love, and urging women not to pander to society’s standards of beauty, so it came as no surprise when she shared the photos from her recent photoshoot with Perfect Magazine.

Ashley Graham Pregnant with first child Ashley Graham seen out and about in New York City on Nov 18, 2019

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model peeled off all layers, posing completely nude on the cover. The 34-year-old posed with one arm resting across her chest to cover her nipples while the other rested next to her head.

The mother-of-three sported Egyptian eye makeup with voluminous brunette curls as she laid on her back and spread her legs apart, unveiling all of her body, including the folds and stretchmarks, in all its glory. In another frame, Graham turned her derrière towards the camera while lying on her side and staring off into the distance.

In the third slide of the four-post upload, Graham gave an up-close look at her gorgeous body as she curled up in her ball. She put her stretchmarks on display, removing her face from the image. The final slide of the upload detailed a text exchange between Graham and Katie Grand, the founder of Perfect Magazine.

Grand started the conversation, asking the “ANTM’ alum, “Hi Ashley! Conceptually what do you think to no retouching on the pictures?” to which the model replied, “I personally think it’s the best choice! The pictures look stunning and speak for themselves…”

Graham’s ideology proved true as the post, which was captioned, “perfect just the way you are // my cover for @theperfectmagazine 🖤,” has garnered over 100,000 likes from fans and colleagues. Lori Harvey commented, “Perfection!!! 😍😍😍,” while Ryan Destiny added, “Wowowowow😍.”

Ashley Graham

One fan commented, “Yasssss for not retouching 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” while this user added, “👏👏🔥🔥🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️🫶🏼🎉👑 GORGEOUS. Thank you, on behalf of all women. You are incredible!!!”

The ‘A New Model’ Author Is ‘Made In The Image Of God’

The 34-year-old is no stranger to boldly flaunting her body on social media as part of her message of body positivity. Last week, the iconic model shared a video of herself lying in bed, raising the heat on the timeline of her 18.9 million followers.

According to a previous report, Graham, who welcomed twin boys with her husband Justin Ervin in January, was seen lying naked in bed, using just a giant pillow to cover the front part of her body. She rocked a makeup-free look, styling her tresses into a smooth ponytail and accessorizing with several earrings and a gold necklace.

Graham made a sultry look at the camera as though doing a photoshoot while playing with her ponytail. The post also included an up-close snap of her stomach folds, featuring a tattoo, and an image of a nude woman in a painting with the caption, “See yourself with the eyes of God.”

Graham urged her fans in the accompanying caption that they are “Made in the image of God,” and they responded with several heartwarming comments. One follower gushed, “I hope my babies know that it’s okay to love and accept your own body even though the world can be cruel and judgemental ❤️.”

Ashley Graham

Another fan wrote, “Thank you for demonstrating us how to love our postpartum bodies. Or just our bodies in general. We really need to see beautiful women like yourself lead the way.”


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