Bethenny Frankel Calls Kylie Cosmetics A Scam

Bethenny Frankel is keeping it real with Kylie Cosmetics!

Whenever the 51-year-old is not writing a book, running her business, or appearing on TV shows, she reviews beauty brands and products on social media. Thus, none of her followers were surprised when she ripped into Kylie Jenner‘s makeup products recently.

Although “The Real Housewives of New York City” star is a fan of the products, she was curious as to why the same two sets were available as a bundle for $58 — without the box. That translated to the decorative box alone costing $117, which according to Frankel, was ridiculous to spend on the packaging.

To explain her point, the mother-of-one held the PR box in one hand and the two boxless products in the other and said, “There is something different: This has a box that you’re gonna throw in the garbage unless you have a hamster that you’re gonna put in here.”

She then noted that she would keep the bundle because they were “cute,” and she bought them. As for the PR box, “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” contestant had every intention of returning it because “it’s a scam.”


Frankel soon discovered that Kylie Cosmetic did not allow customers to return purchased products. Providing an update on the same clip, she revealed, “Breaking news, I just found out that Kylie Beauty doesn’t accept returns, so I am stuck with a $117 cardboard box. I might go to the mall and get myself a hamster.” She later added:

“I like it, I am a sucker but where you lose me is when you to scammed me… Girl don’t do it, it’s not worth it.”

The number of views, likes, and comments the post received made it clear that her fans had the same problem with Jenner’s beauty brand. One person wrote, “Kyle has never allowed returns. I bought one of her first lip kits, and I hated it and could not return it. Needless to say, I’ve never bought anything from her again [trash bin emoji].”


Another commenter yelled, “And that is why kylie beauty doesn’t take returns: it’s all a scam!” while a third added that Kylie’s prod


ucts were “horrible.” Other fans were just “thankful” that the “Naturally Thin” author did her review before they purchased Jenner’s products.

Anybody who has followed Frankel for a bit would be familiar with a similar review she did on Kim Kardashian’s SKKN line. Although the TV personality used TikTok to air her views on the Kardashian product, her opinion remained “honest.”

The previous report stated that the New York University alum started her review by noting that she was focusing on two of the steps in the product line — the exfoliator, which cost $55, and the under-eye cream, for $75 – because they were the most essential ones.

After referring to the eye cream as a “bulbous” product that she did “not understand,” the twice-divorced star claimed that the exfoliator was not “practical.” Frankel was also displeased by the exfoliator’s packaging, which she felt resembled a Rubik’s Cube.

The “Bar Rescue” Reality Star Had THIS To Say About The Ray J Sex Tape

Last month, reported that Frankel came for the Jenner-Kardashian clan after Ray J did an Instagram Live addressing his 2007 sex tape with Kim. In a two-minute TikTok rant, the “Million Dollar Listing New York” guest claimed that Kris Jenner’s friends told her “that she hired hair and makeup.”

The “Shark Tank” guest continued by asking why everybody was “acting like this didn’t happen?” Frankel further explained why the rapper had opted to speak up on the dramatic event over a decade after the tape first surfaced. In her words:

“This poor guy finally cracked ’cause he’s got to explain to his kids why he looks like he exploited someone else. And why he’s left holding the bag. I always say, ‘nobody gets out without paying the bill.’”


Frankel’s reaction was applauded by fans who dropped their support in the comments. While one person noted that it was the “best” post she “EVER made,” another alleged that Kris “set it all up.” The sex tape caused an uproar when it was released soon after Kardashian and Ray Jay ended their romantic relationship in 2006.

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