Bethenny Frankel Flaunts ‘Real Me’ In Unfiltered Beach Bikini Pics

Bethenny Frankel is saying no to photoshop!

The former “Real Housewives of New York” star is taking a stand against unrealistic body standards. She took to her Instagram page to post three gorgeous pictures, and fans are drooling all over it.

Bethenny Frankel Fights Posting Deceptive Photos: ‘Filtering Is Lying’

Lisa Rinna at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards

The first and the second picture, which look alike, feature the mogul standing at the beach in a blue-colored two-piece bikini. She pairs the look with sunglasses while staring at the camera. The third slide has the first and second pictures side by side; that is where the difference becomes apparent. It shows proportional differences in the star’s bust, waist and thigh areas.

“This is NOT what I look like. And you know that bc I’m not vain and show you the real me,” the caption stated. She wrote that everyone might begin to believe that the photoshopped version was the real Bethanny if she continued to post pictures like that every day, adding that this is an example of how warped things have become.

The “RHONY” alum explained in her caption that not only is filtering lying, “it is deceptive.” She believes that it makes women and young girls insecure and feel bad about themselves while trying to attain unrealistic perfection obsessively. Not only that, it creates a misleading reality for men.

The “Chelsea Lately” guest star ended the message by emphasizing how the trend is not inspirational. Instead, it is inaccurate, a false representation of how natural bodies look, and that there is a huge difference between trying to look nice and an outright lie.


This is not the reality tv star’s first time speaking up against body standards in the industry. The mother-of-one has written books talking about the unnecessary need to diet. The businesswoman, who looks nothing like her age at 51, shared a tip to her followers on TikTok on how she maintains her figure at that age, as reported.

The entrepreneur donned a large hat and bikini, revealed to her fans that she does not engage in typical exercises or diets but instead finds other ways to keep herself active by taking walks on the beach or snowboarding, amongst other things. While emphasizing why sleep was important, she noted that it was imperative for her to remain happy. She also admitted that she gained a lot of weight in her thirties and had to be on a diet.

The author, who released her book “Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” in 2009, stated that the reason for her “zero f**ks lifestyle” was due to her past struggles with diet as a result of growing up in a toxic household. This led her to obsess about trying every diet since she was a child into her thirties.

After which, the “Beat Bobby Flay” guest host realized she was miserable, which was the main reason she chose to stop and eat and drink whatever she wanted from then on out. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” guest has maintained her figure with those views in mind while promoting body positivity heavily on all her social media platforms.

Bethenny Frankel Reveals Reason For Taking Off Bra

Earlier in July this year, it was reported that the “Apprentice: Martha Stewart” runner-up plans to boycott wearing bras. This comes right after the reason the star left the show “Real Housewives of New York” was revealed. Bethenny is pictured wearing a white outfit that showed the push-up bra she had on inside. She paired the look with lovely diamond accessories and oversized sunglasses.

In the post, the star wrote that the picture was taken ten minutes before she changed her outfit in the car and decided that she did not think it was a “great idea” to wear a bra; she would be dropping it off for donation. Fans flooded the post with good-natured comments, telling the author that she was beautiful and relatable. One person agreed it was a good decision, while another typed the hashtag, “BoycottTheBra.”


Her post comes after the “SkinnyGirl” founder revealed that she left “RHONY” because she had outgrown the show and gotten tired of it. The “Hollywood Hills 90028” actress disclosed that she had lost a loved one around that time but could not let grief take the forefront, adding that if she had continued to stay, she would have just done it for the money.

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