Britney Spears & Elton John ‘Hold Me Closer’ Music Video Allegedly In The Works

It seems Britney Spears and Sir Elton John might just have a music video in the works to promote their new song “Hold Me Closer.”

The remix of his 1971 hit single “Tiny Dancer” has been topping the charts and both singers have been vocal about thanking fans for the song’s success. Considering the tune’s popularity, it makes sense that they’d want to try to break some music video records too, which is why one is reportedly around in the works!

Will Britney Spears & Elton John Appear Together In A ‘Hold Me Closer’ Music Video?

Elton John and Britney Spears
Instagram | Elton John

On Saturday morning, one day after the song dropped on August 26, sources close to both Britney Spear and Elton John told TMZ that a music video for “Hold Me Closer” is definitely in the works. However, the source couldn’t say what the music video will look like or even if both stars would appear in it.

Regardless, it looks like Britney is definitely making a comeback in the industry. The source revealed that she had even been invited to the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, but had to turn it down due to a scheduling conflict in Los Angeles.

Right now, sources indicate that Britney isn’t about to join Elton John on tour, or release any new songs, but fans are hoping that all of her success with “Hold Me Closer” inspires her to reboot her career. This is her first song in six years, and the first since her 13-year conservatorship ended last November.

‘We Are Like #1 In 40 Countries… Holy S—‘

A few hours after the song dropped, the “Gimme More” singer posted a video sitting topless in the tub as she says “Hello Sir Elton John” in a fake British accent. She then says, “We are like #1 in 40 countries” before she shouts, “HOLY S—” into the camera, which is zoomed in on her face.

“I’m in the tub right now and I’m about to go have the best day ever and I hope you’re well,” she added before the video cuts off.



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