Britney Spears Poses Nude To Celebrate ‘Hold Me Closer’ Song Success

The American singer Britney Spears is still celebrating the success of her new song “Hold Me Closer.” The song is a duet with Sir Elton John and is a remix of his 1971 hit song “Tiny Dancer.”

The song marks the first song that the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer has released in six years and the first song she’s made after her stifling 13-year conservatorship ended last November.

The song has been topping charts in over a dozen countries and Britney is celebrating as she usually does… with some NSFW photos!

Britney Spears Poses In The Nude With Some Strategically Placed Emojis To Celebrate ‘Hold Me Closer’ Song Success

In one tweet on Friday afternoon, Britney asked if fans noticed the tea in her window as she uploaded four photographs of her posing completely in the nude as she celebrated the success of her new song.

Britney Spears poses naked after Hold Me Closer song success
Twitter | Britney Spears

In one photo, Britney has her hands over her chest and a white towel was thrown in her lap as she uses pink heart emojis to prevent the photo from being too NSFW. She deleted her Instagram account a few days ago, although fans are starting to wonder if perhaps her photos were taken down for being too NSFW.

Britney hadn’t posted anything too NSFW in a while, but it seems she’s back at it again now that her hit song is topping the charts!

Britney Spears poses naked after Hold Me Closer song success
Twitter | Britney Spears

In another photo, Britney is sporting wispy bangs as she stares down the camera with her hands covering her chest. She has the towel strategically placed across her waist to hide her private parts as she poses in the window of a hotel room.

Britney Spears poses naked after Hold Me Closer song success
Twitter | Britney Spears

Britney continued to share numerous photos, all taken in the same pose. Still, that didn’t stop fans from showering the post with praise.

Fans showered the post with praise, with one fan writing, “We love you, queen.” Other fans wrote “Yas queen” and called her “My fitness inspo.”


“I’m so happy for you queen,” another fan commented. “We need the Uncensored version,” another follower wrote. “I’m so happy you’re back on Twitter bestie,” another fan shared.

Britney Spears poses naked after Hold Me Closer song success
Twitter | Britney Spears

The praise didn’t stop there! “Jeez look at them toned arms! Looking like a hot tamale,” another fan commented. “Aw you look fabulous!” another follower wrote. “Your eyes are so captivating,” a third fan gushed.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” another fan wrote. “Still looking good,” another follower added. Another fan called her a “Beautiful Queen” while another follower said, “#1 worldwide looks good on you!”

Britney Disrobes At The End Of Another Video


In another video, Britney is wearing a straw hat and her favorite aviator-style sunglasses as she walks through a hotel lobby in a white robe with black trim. She has a matching white bag at her side and her favorite black heels as “Hold Me Closer” plays in the background.

As she presses the elevator button, she walks into her room and the video cuts to her sitting on a windowsill, completely naked. Her long hair and arms are covering her chest, and she has a towel in her lap to prevent the video from becoming too NSFW.

Fans showered the post with some comments of “queen,” love for her new single, and some appropriate GIFs and reactions.

That’s Not The Only Time That Britney Spears Has Posed Topless Today!

Before now, the “Gimme More” singer posted her own celebratory video to Twitter, saying, “Hello Sir Elton John,” in a fake British accent. She then adds, “We are like #1 in 40 countries” before she shouts, “HOLY S—.”

“I’m in the tub right now and I’m about to go have the best day ever and I hope you’re well,” she added. It looks like she was about to say more, but ended the video there.


Plenty of fans piled on the video to offer their congratulations on her new song, which can be heard by clicking here.

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