Charlie Sheen Pays Woman $120,000 To Settle 2017 HIV Lawsuit Case

Hollywood star Charlie Sheen has reportedly reached an agreement with an ex-girlfriend, who alleged he exposed her to HIV, in a 2017 lawsuit.

The actor confirmed his HIV status publicly in 2015, but he was first diagnosed in 2011. Sheen stated at the time of his public reveal that he was disclosing the information to prevent blackmail from persons aware of his status.

Years after his public reveal, the 56-year-old was sued by an unidentified lady who claimed the actor had exposed her to the virus during a hookup. According to a stipulation filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Sheen recently agreed to pay the unnamed woman $120,000 in monthly installments over the course of a year.

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Charlie Sheen Settles For $120,000

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According to Radar Online, Sheen has agreed to pay $120,000 to settle a lawsuit brought against him in 2017 by a former girlfriend. Per the agreement, Sheen will pay Jane Doe monthly installments of $10,000 over the next 12 months.

The anonymous female individual reportedly had a romantic affair in 2015 with the “Two and A Half Men” alum, which exposed her to HIV. In the suit she filed at the time in L.A. County Superior Court, Sheen’s identity was hidden as the docs addressed him as a confidential male.

However, the media caught on that the defendant in question was Sheen when the female complainant later revealed that the person had announced his HIV status on national TV on November 17, 2015.

The complainant, known as Jane Doe, said that upon meeting Sheen, she had asked if he had any sexually transmitted diseases, but the actor allegedly informed her that he was clean, clearly hiding his HIV status, which he had known for a long time.

Charlie Sheen Allegedly Hid His Status Before Having Sex

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Doe claimed that they had protected sex but later switched to not using condoms, which did not bother her due to Sheen’s earlier reassurances that he was free of any STDS. She further stated that Sheen later informed her of his status but only did so in a flippant manner when he gave her some pills to prevent transmission.

Elsewhere in the court docs, Doe stated that the actor had told her that he was “noble” for sharing his HIV status after their sex rumps, seemingly downplaying the fact that he had exposed her to the disease without her consent.

“This is more about … not if, but when you do come down with this [HIV], that we’re together and at least we have each other,” she claimed he also stated.


Following the case settlement, Sheen has yet to make any statement to address the matter further publicly.

Charlie Sheen Revealed His Status In 2015

Actor Charlie Sheen is seen giving an interview with Billy Bush during NATPE 2012 in Miami Beach

Sheen was diagnosed HIV positive around 2011 but did not publicly reveal that information until November 2015. He shared the details during an interview with Matt Lauer on the daytime show “Today.”

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” the actor said at the time.

Sheen told his host that he was divulging the information because he was tired of extortion attempts from those who knew his status and due to other smear efforts against him.

“I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me, threatening the health of so many others that couldn’t be further from the truth,” he said.

The Actors Career Has Been Tainted With Several Other Controversies

On the show, the actor also claimed that he had concealed his diagnosis from at least two sexual partners but had used protection throughout those encounters. He also revealed that he had no idea how he became infected with the virus and that his ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller were aware of the diagnosis from the start.

Following his public disclosure, other allegations surfaced that he had intercourse with others without informing them of his status. Sheen’s ex-fiancée, Brett Rossi, filed a complaint in 2015, claiming they had sexual relations multiple times before she realized he was HIV-positive.

According to TMZ, Rossi alleged that she was physically and emotionally tortured and that Sheen pressured her into having an abortion because of his HIV status. The case was later dismissed with prejudice, indicating an out-of-court settlement.


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