Charly Jordan Works Out In Strappy, Purple Two-Piece

Model Charly Jordan’s strappy purple workout gear is the motivation we need to come back to her IG page for more.

Charly Jordan Sparkles In Purple

Charly shared a series of photos showing off her workout attire for the day the look is fun and bubbly and adds a pop of color to the workout session. She posed to show off several angles of the outfit.

Paired with biker shorts, the shirt is long-sleeved and has a cutout in the chest area we aren’t sure how clever that chest cutout is if she is going to be working out in it, but the look is the bomb! And Charly is practically glowing.

She styled her hair bone straight, different from the natural curls she has been rocking lately on vacation.

Charly Jordan Flirts With The Camera

Jordan gave her followers a close-up look at the purple outfit, zooming in on her hips and abs to see how tight the look is hugging her curves. At one point, she pulls the shorts down slightly to show off how great her abs are looking.

In another photo, she bends over and shows off her ass, he hair falls down her back. The look has her followers going crazy wanting to know where she got the look. She edited her caption at some point to say,

“Make sure you guys check out my last reels post and enter the holiday giveaway before it closes! In the meantime…Loving @camilacoelhocollection new workout line w @revolve ✨”

Giving her followers an idea of where they can get her look at more importantly notifying them about a giveaway.

Charly Jordan Gets All The Praise

Charly Jordan Works Out In Strappy Purple Two-Piece

“Need this set 💜💜💜💜💜💜,” says one follower. “😍😍💜💜THIS SET LOOKS SO CUTE ON YOU,” commented the brand Camila Coelho Collection. “Omg you look so good in purple 🤩💜,” claims another follower.


Her followers were so inspired by the daring workout/lounge gear. “The colour suits you, you are purple after all 😍😍😍.”

“So obsessed ❤️”

“You so freaking cute.”

“Wow Charly u look Beautiful 😍.”

The comments get a little x-rated from there, as expected on her page.

Charly Jordan Got High In This Outfit

Charly Jordan Works Out In Strappy Purple Two-Piece

If this outfit looks familiar to you, you aren’t crazy, you’ve seen it before if you were lucky enough to catch the DJ’s IG Story where she shared her new bong; a Caza Azul tequila bottle turned into a bong.

We have to give the company credit for recycling and furthermore, Charly was very impressed. She even filled it up and took a hit out of it to show her followers how amazing the bubbles sounded.

She also made it a teachable moment by showing anyone who picks up their own version of the bong how to know when it is filled up enough. The key is to listen out for the bubbles the more substantial they sound is how you know, it’s ready to go!


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