Dana Hamm Leaves Little To the imagination In A Revealing Thong Bikini

Model Dana Hamm is definitely not leaving much to the imagination in her latest bikini post!

The “Trouble Is My Business” star has been on vacation in French Polynesia over the past few weeks and she seems to have brought her tiniest bikinis to Bora Bora. Although Dana joked that her bikini is “conservative,” it looks like this might be one of Dana’s most revealing bikinis yet!

Dana Hamm Leaves VERY Little To The Imagination In A TINY Thong Bikini!

In her latest Instagram post, set to the tune of Rauw Alejandro’s “Todo De Ti,” the popular OnlyFans model sticks out her tongue and suggestively licks her upper lip as she gives fans a good look at her famous booty. She is posing with one hand on top of her head and the other hand holding her long dark wig off her back.

For this sultry display, Dana is wearing a tiny black bikini that looks like it’s made of more straps than material. The front of the bikini is made up of two straps across her chest that wrap around her neck and back. There are also several more straps that make up the back of her bikini, although they don’t do anything to cover her sunned buns in the slightest.

Dana finished off her look with a pair of strappy sandals with high heels as she showed off her toned legs for the camera. She might be sweating, or it might be tanning lotion, or she might be all oiled up, but her legs seem to glow in the light filtering into the room by the door in front of her.

Dana Says ‘The Back Of This Swimsuit Is Much More Conservative Than The Front!’

In the caption, the social media sensation asked her Instagram followers, “My evil twin showed up in Bora Bora! Should I make her leave or let her stay?” She later added, “The back of this swimsuit is much more conservative than the front!” Fans are desperate to see the front of her tiny black bikini, but she didn’t show it in this post. She might be saving it for another post… or she might have put that content on her OnlyFans page!

Fans and famous friends alike couldn’t help but gush over her sultry video. Former soldier, Playboy Playmate, and OnlyFans model Kindly Myers wrote, “Oh wow.” Another follower wrote, “Let her stay.” Another fan agreed, writing, “She can definitely stay, Dana! I promise to keep my eyes on her at all times to make sure she doesn’t get into any mischief, and if she does, I’m totally joining her!!”


“Send her to my house,” another follower chimed in. “Them legs,” another fan gushed. “Do you believe in love at first sight because when I look into your eyes I see my final destination,” another follower teased. “Smoking hot,” another follower agreed. “Let her stay…. And let her turn around,” another fan added. “I think I like your evil twin!!!” another follower exclaimed. “Show us the front!” another fan begged. “It’s what your evil twin would want!”

Dana Is So Beautiful Fans Are Leaving Her Poetry In The Comments!


Another fan seemed to write her a poem in the comments? They wrote: “🖌️🎨♥️ I try to paint you in my soul, Color you in all my being, Make a picture of your love And hang it in my heart, ❣️ ♥️I try to add a bit of red, It makes me remember how I adore you, If I have to put a little yellow, It makes me see how big your love is, 💛 💚I make small touches of green, What makes me think of your burning kisses, If I have to combine a little blue, It will remind me of your deep love, 🖤If I mix white with black, I promise to tell you I love you until the day I die, Today I paint you with all my heart, Maybe I’m not the best of painters,👤♥️ 🖼️♥️And don’t make the best painting out of you, But I’ll mix and use all my feelings To color your body and your soul at every moment,👫♥️ 🧠💭♥️ I only think of you and I paint for you. ♦️. Happy Night to you beautiful.😺💝 Dana Hamm.”

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of Popular Model Dana Hamm!

Interested in more Dana Hamm content? Fans just can’t get enough of the popular OnlyFans model!

In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation put her busty assets on display as she lifted up her shirt and shook her hips in a tiny black thong.

Fans can check out Dana’s latest sultry snaps from her vacation in Tahiti and Bora Bora by clicking here.


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