Emily Ratajkowski Gets Fishy In A Daring Bikini On The Beach

Emily Ratajkowski‘s new IG post features Em Rata in a bikini and a tin of sardines… you have to see it to believe it.

Emily Ratajkowski Is Soaking Up The Sun

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Fishy In A Daring Bikini On The Beach
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

The model is making us all jealous with her new set of IG photos. She is laid out on the beach literally glowing in the sun wearing a less than modest two-piece bathing suit. The 31-year-old sinks her body into the sand and puts her abs on display.

The following set of photos features the single mom with a smoky, sexy look to her. A cowboy hat has never looked better. She enjoys a San Miguel Radler on the beach despite her bikini string being dangerously close to becoming undone.

She captioned the post “Cala Pi” likely meaning she is in Mallorca soaking up the sun!

Em Rata’s Post Got Fishy!

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her tan lines
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski’s collection of photos also featured what she was snacking on for the day because a Radler on an empty stomach is a good way to fall asleep on the beach and wake up with a vicious sunburn.


A pomegranate sliced in half and ready to shake free of its seeds and a tin of sardines. We assume her breath isn’t the greatest at this point but who cares, she’s hot AF!

Em Rata was dancing in the airport this week with her son Sylvester strapped to her chest. Now we know where the newly single model was hopping a flight too! The rest of her post featured two more sultry shots of Ratajkowski. One was a close-up of her breast and neck. She looks to be posing so the sun can hit her perfectly.

Emily Ratajkowski Needs A Vacation

Emily Ratajkowski Dances Off The Drama With Her Son Strapped To Her Chest
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski is in desperate need of a vacation. First, she has to deal with the father of her son, estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard allegedly cheating on her for most of their short marriage.

Then she gets bashed online for posting a photo of herself naked with her son in a bathtub enjoying a bubble bath. While she seemed unbothered in the airport dancing to Megan Then Stallion’s “Tuned In freestyle”. However, that could be because she knew she was about to be laying on a beach.

Emily Ratajkowski’s IG Comments Are Blowing Up

Emily Ratajkowski
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

The model’s friends are highly impressed with her latest post. “You’re wow,” wrote Addison Rae. Fellow model Lily Aldridge told her she looked like “heaven”. Some, however, wanted to know what the “F” she “is eating” referring to the sardines and Radler.


But seeing as many were calling her “body goals” we can assume sardine sales are about to go up?

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