Eva Longoria Praises Serena Williams For Her Comments About Quitting Sport To Focus On Expanding Her Family

Eva Longoria proves she is in Serena Williams‘ corner!

The tennis superstar has received an outpouring show of support following her declaration to retire from the sport and focus on expanding her family. As shared by PEOPLE, the “Hustler’s Instinct” actress joined the long list of celebrities who praised the Grand Slam Champion’s decision.

Eva Longoria Defends Her Longtime Friend’s Decision To Retire As A Fellow Mother

Eva Longoria at The Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA Gala 2022

At the tender age of 14, Williams broke boundaries in the tennis world as one of the youngest Black women to dominate the male-based platform. Over the years, the Michigan native achieved numerous milestones for her abilities on and off the court, gaining worldwide recognition for her powerful serves and impeccable taste in fashion.

However, not even the Olympic gold medalist could juggle her responsibilities as a doting wife, mother, and Queen of the tennis court without facing a path riddled with challenges. Unable to continue down this road, the 40-year-old announced her decision to move “away from tennis,” highlighting reasons that struck a chord in Longoria’s heart.

In a piece for Vogue magazine, the WTA superstar stated that she would not be discussing retirement as a man because a male tennis player did not face the same limitations as a woman. The mother-of-one explained that a male athlete could focus on winning while his wife was tasked with doing the “physical labor” needed to expand their family.

The “Desperate Housewives” star, who understood the pains of being a working mom, echoed similar thoughts to the news outlet at the Vote Like a Madre event in Miami. This discussion could not have occurred in a better place as the ceremony’s theme involved providing a safer future for the younger members of the Latino community.

Serena Williams is positive after Wimbledon loss

The Hollywood sensation attended the event on behalf of Latino Victory, where parents were mobilized to vote on pressing climate issues for their children’s sake. As the proud mother to her 4-year-old son, Santiago, the Texas native could relate to Williams’s struggles, and she defended her friend as a fellow parent.

The “Boss Baby: Family Business” voice actress stated that if the former top world ranker was born a man, she would not have taken time off her career to breastfeed or heal from a c-section operation. According to the 47-year-old, all working mothers frequently thought of ways to balance their families with their careers effectively. In the ALMA Award winner’s words:

“The mom who is a teacher also has to understand, ‘How do I balance work and family?’ The woman who is a dentist has to say, ‘How do I balance my career and family?’ You know, we all bear that cross.”

The “Lowriders” actress continued praising mothers as phenomenal “multitaskers, decision-makers, and problem solvers.” A task, the TV personality noted, affected both women and their children. Longoria explained that mothers carried numerous responsibilities such as being caretakers, parents, and positive role models for their communities. These obligations inspired the theme of her event, voting like a mother or Madre in Spanish.

Serena Williams Admits To Feeling Reluctant About Ending Her Tennis Career

Serena Williams arrives at the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 held at Sunset Room Hollywood on July 18, 2019

A previous report details Williams’s decision to move on from tennis and focus on growing her family, which included her adoring husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter, Olympia. Earlier this year, the athlete opened up about being ready for retirement. However, when the time came, the 40-year-old felt reluctant about closing this successful chapter of her life.

In her statement, the Olympic gold medalist explained that she never wanted to choose between her career and family. A decision she described as unfair to working mothers. Nonetheless, her daughter influenced this problematic choice on her mother’s behalf with her constant wish for a younger sibling.

The doting parent recalled an incident where an educational app Olympia used asked the 5-year-old what she wanted to be as an adult. Without knowing her mother was listening, the precious little girl revealed her desire to be an older sister. This marked one of the many times Williams has heard her daughter’s wish for a sibling.


Although the female athlete believed her career would have lasted longer as a man, the 40-year-old did not regret being a woman as it allowed her to give birth to Olympia.

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