Hailey Bieber Is A Chef Now! Fans Slam Her For Cooking Like Selena Gomez

Model Hailey Bieber is a jack of all trades apparently. She has launched a cooking series on her YouTube channel.

The model shared the fun news on her Tiktok account and other platforms. She also offered up a quick recipe for the moment; protein pancakes…

She captions the post, “so excited to introduce a brand new series on my yt channel, WHAT’S IN MY KITCHEN? this series is inspired by your response to me making the pizza toast, creamy tuscan pasta, smoothies, and more. I’m excited to take you all even deeper into my actual home kitchen!”

Bieber takes pleasure in cooking the pancakes and is very meticulous in how they are prepared to make the best-tasting version of chocolate protein pancakes. Unfortunately, not all of Hailey’s followers were interested in her endeavor.

Hailey Bieber Accused Of Following Selena Gomez

Justin and Hailey Bieber stop by Erewhon in Beverly hills to do some grocery shopping

No matter what, this comparison will never end and it is alive and well in the comments of this post. Followers wanted to know why she was following Gomez and wanted to have a cooking show all of a sudden.

“This seems similar to…” wrote one follower who kicked off the discussion. “So innovative, maybe u should do a cooking show with hbomax 😁” wrote another referencing Gomez’s show on the streaming service.

“So it’s a cooking show okay 🙂” chimed in another hater. “Selena’s cooking show then this wowwwwww.” Inquired another. “Lol not again 😂😂😂 why why though.”


Hailey Bieber Had Some Supporters Too

A portrait of Hailey Bieber posted to Kim Kardashian's Instagram story
Instagram | Kim Kardashian

Hailey had a few followers who were working overtime to counteract the hate she was receiving for just wanting to cook. “I love how she doesn’t care at all about the haters and does what she wants whenever she wants lol. Keep going Hails, we love you,” writes one.

“Hailey And Justin cooking videos was before Selena,” one fan reminded the haters in comments. “Hailey + chef niceeee,” commented another. “This is amazing!! Can’t wait to watch,” says one excited fan.

Bieber has always liked cooking from what we can see. Her IG page has featured her sharing meals she cooked for her husband Justin Bieber so, maybe it’s natural for her to have a cooking series.

Her fans comment all the time asking her what she is cooking, what the recipe is, and how she made it. There is a demand for Hailey’s food content for sure.

Can Hailey Bieber Cook?

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber picnic
Instagram / haileybieber

Some people aren’t even debating who she is copying or what she is trying to do, they are wondering why she has a cooking show for boxed food. “So wait, it’s just boxed pancake mix and protein powder? Revolutionary. groundbreaking culinary achievement” asked a follower.

“Add egg to thin and even out the batter 😂 is that why we add an egg? Hmmm,” criticized one follower. It seems like Bieber will forever get flack for her moves in the industry maybe next time she should try to do something that Gomez isn’t already doing to avoid all the hate in the comments


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