Hailey Bieber Reveals Princess Diana’s Status as ‘Most-Looked-At Woman’ Inspires Her

Model Hailey Bieber has shared that her style inspiration comes from no other than Princess Diana.

In a recent interview, the model shared her admiration for the late Princess, sharing how she inspired her fashion style and became a trendsetter, even in this modern times.

The wife of the pop singer is currently gracing the September 2022 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, which also features high-profile celebrities such as actress Florence Pugh and poet Amanda Gorman.

Bieber donned a Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello jacket and trousers in addition to Tiffany & Co. jewelry for the shoot photographed by John Edmonds.

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Princess Diana Inspires Hailey Bieber’s Fashion Style

Princess Diana smiling

Bieber recently spoke to the magazine about how she derives her fashion style from the late Princess Diana.

“I was really inspired by the fact that she was the most-looked-at woman in the world at that time, of all time, and she did what she wanted with her style,” she shared via Harper’s Bazaar.

The model also expressed that her adoration for the Princess ran deeper than her aesthetic style. It was also about how she could convey strong messages and emotions through her fashion despite her position.

“She really expressed herself through her style despite being in the position she was in.”

She continued, “I get photographed so much that I feel like sometimes I put pressure on myself. Even if I’m just throwing on jeans and a T-shirt, I want it to be a dope pair of jeans and a great T-shirt!”

Hailey Bieber Recreated Princess Diana’s Looks

In 2019, the “Rhode” skincare founder channeled the iconic style of Diana in her photoshoot for Vogue Paris. She recreated some of her iconic looks, including oversized blazers with baseball caps, sneakers with socks, and sweatshirts with biker shorts.

“All credit and inspo to the wonderful and iconically stylish Princess Diana, who I’ve looked to for style inspiration for as long as I can remember. Thank you for leaving behind such an iconic fashion and style legacy,” Bieber said at the time, giving credit to Princess Diana.

The Harper’s Bazaar interview also reinforced her love for Diana, where the model’s looks were considered “contemporary” and “old-school.”

She Quit Runway Modeling

Hailey Bieber 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Bieber was a former model who worked on the runway for many world’s top designers, including Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Elie Saab.

However, she announced in February that she was quitting the runway following her bad experience with a “very important” casting director.

“I had a really bad experience with a casting director who was very important,” the beauty guru told Allure. “He said something to my agent that shook my confidence regarding the runway.”

She concluded, per Newsweek, “I don’t want to feel bad about myself in this space because I feel really good about the other work I do. So why would I even put myself in a position to feel small?”

In 2019, she hinted that her modeling days were drawing close to an end when she criticized her posture in a picture of herself she shared from a Zadig & Voltaire fashion presentation.

“What I know is that ur arm truly should never wing this high when ur walking on a runway,” she captioned the picture. “Hence why it is not, and will never be my thing again, lol.”

The 25th Anniversary Of Princess Diana’s Demise Will Hold On August 31


The reference to Diana comes on the tail of the 25th anniversary of the princess’ untimely death, which will be marked on August 31.

Although no events have been slated yet, the sons of the late Princess have constantly paid homage to their late mother, including Prince Harry, while delivering his latest speech to the United Nations to commemorate the International Nelson Mandela Day.

He opened his speech by paying tribute to Mandela, adding that although people didn’t know him physically, they were able to learn more about the icon through his letters, speeches, and shirts he sported.

Harry said, “On my wall, and in my heart, every day is an image of my mother and Mandela meeting in Cape Town in 1997.”

Princess Diana passed away in a car crash at age 36, a few months after meeting Mandela.



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