Ivanka Trump Suffers Massive ‘Faceplant’ While Showing Off Surfing Skills

Ivanka Trump is not afraid to fail publicly!

The former First Daughter tried to show off her surfing skills to her avid Instagram followers, but it was quite an epic fail! Nevertheless, the former White House advisor seemed to be having a swell time while putting on a leggy display.

Ivanka Trump Tries Her Hand At Surfing But Fails!

Over the weekend, Ivanka took to her Instagram to share a series of uploads detailing how her attempt at surfing went. The daughter of former President Donald Trump donned a long-sleeved swimsuit with white and green stripes. She was well protected with a life jacket, and her hair was packed into a tight ponytail.

Ivanka Trump campaigns for her father, President Donald Trump, during a Make America Great Again event at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

In the Instagram Reel update, Ivanka was seen surfing effortlessly, her hands in the air and a wide grin on her face. The former senior White House advisor looked a bit scared, trying hard not to fall, letting out a little scream before regaining her balance.

It’s unsure where Ivanka was surfing but behind her in the background were several tall skyscrapers and a clear blue sky. She captioned the post with several emojis, including rainbows and waves, “🌈🌊🌊🏄‍♀️🌊🌊.”

Fans were thrilled with her impressive surfing skill and praised Ivanka in the comments section. One fan wrote, “Very impressive actually 👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💯💯💯💯,” while another added, “You’re even elegant on a wake board. 🥰.”

While the 40-year-old looked flawless in the short clip, she proved to fans that she was a good sport and could make fun of herself. In a subsequent post, Ivanka gave fans a glimpse at the bloopers, and it wasn’t a pretty scene.

She seemed to have finally lost her balance and went face flat into the body of water, while the surfboard was left alone. It was indeed a hilarious sight, and Ivanka reposted a picture of the moment with a funny caption that read, “By far my favorite photo ~ a faceplant framed by a rainbow 😂 🌈 🌊.”


Some remarks in the comments section praised Ivanka for being funny. One follower wrote, “Great shots and so much fun 🤩😍🏄‍♀️,” while another added, “Ivanka, are you really doing that? 🤔 If you are, that’s really good!”

Fans Don’t Believe The Videos, Slam Ivanka For Bad Photoshop

While some fans were blown away at Ivanka documenting such a playful moment, others didn’t believe she was capable of surfing, especially since the background looked unusual. Many have since accused the mother-of-three of photoshopping her post and deceiving her fans.

One concerned fan asked, “Why does this look so strange?” while another wondered, “Looks like a green screen…..🤨.” This netizen made the observation, “That looks like it’s green-screened! Lol, her hair isn’t even blowing!”

One comment read, “Yes. She has so much time in her hands that she green screened this. 🙄,” while another stated, “I love Ivanka and the trumps but idk why this video looks so fake, lol.” This follower urged other angered fans, writing, “Ivanka is trying to tell you all you see is an illusion!!! Come on, people!! Just pay more attention! Please 🙏.”

This user couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation, joking, “Would be more appropriate if it was a RED wave you were riding! 😜,” while this fan warned, “Don’t you go fake on us too, Ivanka!! 😂😂 Even though it looks great!! Lol 😂😍❤️.”

Chelsea Clinton & Ivanka Trump Aren’t Friends Any More

“The Apprentice” alum’s supposed photoshopped post comes after former first daughter Chelsea Clinton opened up about her relationship with Ivanka. An earlier report stated that Chelsea, during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” dished on why she and Trump’s daughter don’t get along despite both being First Daughters.

Ivanka Trump
Instagram| ivankatrump

Telling her truth, Chelsea, who was joined by her mother Hilary Clinton on the episode, alleged that Ivanka didn’t have her back. In her words, “I would say we were friends. She’s not the person I called when I was curious about something for my kids or if I was debating a life decision, but we were definitely friends. And then she went to the dark side.”

Per reports, Chelsea’s mention of the “dark side” references Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner’s new book, “Breaking History,” where it was reported Kushner wrote that Ivanka asked Chelsea to have dinner with her. The alleged invitation came shortly after the 2016 election, in which Hilary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.


Recalling the encounter, Chelsea admitted she “spoke to Ivanka” in 2016. However, she didn’t remember “being invited to dinner.”

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