Jac Cordeiro Poses Naked To Flaunt Her ‘Unapologetic Curves’

Fitness guru Jac Cordeiro is not leaving anything to the imagination in her latest social media snaps!

The owner of JacFit and Alex Rodriguez‘s new girlfriend put on a very steamy display in her last Instagram post, which featured a festive red ribbon… and not much else!

A-Rod’s New GF Jac Cordeiro Gets NAKED On Instagram To Flaunt Her Natural Curves!

It may be after Christmas, but it looks like the fitness trainer decided to give her followers another present on Instagram when she shared two snaps that featured her posing completely naked as she lies on the ground. Her back is arched as she supports herself with one hand behind her head. Her legs are stretched out in front of her as she pulls a red sheet between her leggings, hugging it over her chest.

Jac revealed that she was in Windsor, Ontario for this photoshoot. In the caption, she wrote, “No one is coming to save you. This life is 100% your responsibility.” She included the hashtags #mindbodysoul, #fitnessglam, #fitnessmotivation, and #unapologeticcurves. Fans loved her snap even her caption as well, with one fan writing, “Powerful quote.”

“Body goals!!” another follower exclaimed. “PLEASE do not give Alex a stroke. I must see him go into the Hall of Fame,” a third fan chimed in. “This is called ART,” another follower wrote. “Top photo. Top woman,” another fan shared. “The sooner people realize that the sooner they can start the journey of discovering their life’s purpose and becoming their best selves!!” another follower agreed.

It Looks Like A-Rod and Jac Spent Their Christmas Holiday Together!

One day after Christmas, Jac posted a video on Instagram captioned “Merry Christmas” set to the tune of Jackson 5’s “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” The video includes a sweet selfie of the two posing together along with shots of the game.

“I bet Jennifer is jealous now. He seems like a nice family man. Hope you guys enjoy and work! ❤️ Jennifer did him wrong,” one fan commented, referring to Alex’s previous relationship with Jennifer Lopez. “Why would Jennifer be jealous? He cheated. And Jen is with the love of her life,” another user pointed out, referring to her marriage to Ben Affleck, to who she had previously been engaged.


It’s worth noting that J-Lo also did a naked photo shoot to celebrate her 53rd birthday earlier this year. Those shots can be seen here.

Jac Cordeiro and Alex Rodriguez spend Christmas together
Instagram | Jac Cordeiro

Although there were a few comments both supporting and bashing Jen, another user pointed out that it’s “not appropriate talking about others’ exes on Alex’s new girlfriend’s page,” calling it “disrespectful.”

Fortunately, many of the comments on Jac’s post were pretty wholesome, wishing her and Alex a happy holiday. “You look so happy,” one fan commented. “Wishing bigger and better things for you in the new year,” another follower wrote.

Fortunately, Jac Has No Time To Worry About Haters!

It seems that Jac doesn’t seem to care what people on the Internet think of her! In one Instagram video from earlier this month, she included an audio clip that featured a woman saying, “This chapter of my life is called my turn. And I’m unapologetic as f—.” The video features some sexy shots of Jac strutting toward the camera in a mesh black bodysuit with sheer cut-outs and strappy black stiletto heels.

In the caption, Jen wrote, “TGIF, yep that about sums it up.” She also included the hashtags #sorrymomforswearing, #fitnessmotivation, #fitnessspecialist, and #fitnurse. A-Rod dropped two “🔥🙌” emojis on her video. “Where can we order that suit???” one fan asked, to which Jac replied, “Shein.com.”

“Still got it at 50!” another follower commented. “No one hotter in Canada!!!” a third fan exclaimed. “Yes, it is YOUR TURN to hang out with A-Rod,” another follower wrote. “Dreams begin,” another fan teased. “Jac, you’re going to break the Internet if you keep doing shots like this,” another follower warned.


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