Jen Selter Has Fans Worried For Her Frosty Bum After This Ice Skating FAIL!

Model Jen Selter is trading her sunned buns for a frosty bum after she took a tumble down on the ice!

On Wednesday afternoon, the 29-year-old fitness influencer took to Instagram to share a video of trying to ice skate. Although she often impresses fans with her incredible flexibility, it seems that her ice skating skills leave something to be desired!

Jen Selter Has Fans Worried For Her Frosty Bum After This Ice Skating FAIL!

In her latest Instagram post, set to the tune of Lil Uzi Vert’s hit song “Just Wanna Rock,” the New York native shared a throwback video of the last time she went ice skating. In the fifteen-second clip, Jen tries skating while dressed in a long-sleeve white shirt, cherry red leggings, a bright red hat, and navy blue skates.

She quickly tries to move forward but her legs spread out too far and she goes down hard on the ice, rolling over onto her back as she clutches the side of her head. She then rolls over onto her side. A woman can be heard asking, “Is she okay?” as Jen sits up. She appears to be laughing, but that fall sure looked like it hurt!

Jen Selter trips and falls while ice skating
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Who remembers this not so graceful moment? Follow @jenlselter for all weird Jen thingsssss,” Jen wrote in the caption of the video as fans chimed in with “🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️” emojis. “That’s going to leave a mark,” one follower wrote. “Careful don’t bruise that 🍑,” another fan warned. “I feel like this is how Pheobe would skate. It reminds me of the episode where she ‘runs’. 😂 Like, what are you even doing?” a third follower asked, referring to that episode of “Friends.”

“Ouch! Careful 😬 😆,” another fan wrote. “I did this and got super hurt! Lol look at that smile right after 💪,” another follower shared. “I feel you. I can’t skate either❤️,” another fan chimed in. “Selter on ice. 😂,” another follower joked. “😍love that you can make a fool of yourself! As long as you’re learning in the process who cares?” another fan asked. Jen replied, “🙌🙌🙌.”

That Isn’t The Only Time Jen Shared Some Hilarious Fails!

Jen Selter shares Waterpik fail video
Instagram | Jen Selter

In another Instagram video posted to her side account, Jen tried using a Waterpik for the first time. Although dentists recommend them for sensitive gums, it looks like Jen ended up washing more than just her teeth. In the video, she ends up spraying herself and it looks like she might have even taken the spray up her nose as she struggled to get the water spout under control.


“My first time using a water pik went great…” Jen wrote in the caption. “Please make me feel better and tell me you had a similar experience 😂 Note to self: read directions and watch a YouTube video before winging something .. Jen 0, Water pik 10.”

“👏👏👏Miss Jen you look like ur having a good time ❤️,” one fan teased. “Totally same same !!😂😲,” another follower chimed in. “Amazing hahaha,” a third fan commented. “The first time is always like that. But it’s the best tool in the world ❤️,” another follower shared.

“A little piece of advice, maybe read the directions before using. Lol,” another fan commented. “HAHA Jen I identify with this so hard,” another follower added. However, many of her 13.5 million Instagram followers simply dropped “😂😂😂” emojis in the comments of her video fail!

At Least No One Has Jen Selter Beat When It Comes To Flexibility!

In another Instagram video, Jen shared a three-second clip that featured her holding up one foot beside her head. If that isn’t impressive enough, she then drops down into a split… on the wet sand!

“Rise and shine beautiful people!!” Jen wrote in the caption. “No more expectations. Just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens.”

Jen Selter does yoga on the beach in a yellow bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Following for 7 years and still blown away by your body,” one fan commented. “HOW???” another follower asked. “You make it look so easy hahaha😂 I would definitely fall HARD 😂,” another fan joked. At least her fun fail videos make it clear that Jen isn’t effortlessly perfect all the time!


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