Jen Selter Puts Her Fit Figure On Display In Her Tiny White Bikini

Model Jen Selter is putting her fit figure on display in a tiny white bikini!

The 29-year-old fitness influencer posted two Instagram videos over the weekend. On Saturday, she promoted a giveaway for her followers while teaching them to make iced coffee in a tiny white bikini.

On Sunday afternoon, she followed it up by transforming her white bikini into a flattering white dress with cut-outs as she moved through a series of poses in front of the camera. Take a look!

Jen Selter Hosts A Christmas Giveaway In A Tiny White Bikini!

In another recent Instagram post, set to the tune of Ricky Marano’s “The Rhythm,” the New York native slipped into a tiny white video to promote her new giveaway. “Coffee time,” Jen says as she drops a few iced cubes into her BlendJet. She proceeds to make her iced coffee before she digs into a plate of bacon and eggs with a large slice of fruit.

In the caption, Jen wrote, “GIVEAWAY!! Good morning angels!!!! We all know my @blendjet obsession and I think it should be called blendJEN since I use it so much 😂 buttttt the fact that you can travel around the world with it ( even blend on a plane) is just next level clutch!! The perfect gift and so today lets do a giveaway!! Tag 3 people below to enter 👀👀 ( I will pick a winner on Monday ).”

“Need like 5 of these lol,” one follower commented. “I love mine!!!” another fan added. “So beautiful queen,” a third fan gushed. “Happy weekend!” another follower shared as fans tagged three friends to enter the giveaway in the comments.

However, it looked like not everyone was impressed by BlendJet. “Why would I want to blend on an airplane? Blend it at home and take it to go. Shake it up to drink. This product is dumb AF,” one user wrote. They make a frequent appearance in Jen’s recipe videos, so to each their own!

Jen Selter Transforms Her White Bikini Into A Stunning White Dress!

In her latest Instagram video, set to the tune of Bella DJ’s remix of “Dance Dance Dance With My Hands Hands Hands (Speed Up),” Jen posted a video that showed her wearing a tiny white bikini with her hair tied back behind her. She crosses one leg over the other, snaps her fingers, and immediately transforms into a stunning white dress. Her long brown hair falls in loose waves down her shoulders as she poses with a peach-colored Chanel bag over one arm.


Jen then moves to the balcony as she flaunts her sunned buns for the camera. She moves through a series of poses, standing with her hands on the back of her head before standing with her hands on her hips. She matched her dress with strappy pointed heels as she flashed peace signs with both hands. She turned around again, raising one foot into the air before the video ended.

Despite the lyrics of the song, it didn’t look like Jen did much dancing in the video! Regardless, fans still loved to see her different poses.

In the caption, Jen wrote, “There’s no room for unsupportive friends, family, or fake love in 2023.” In the comments, she tagged @meshki for fans looking to find out where they could get the dress for themselves.

Digital creator Mariale commented “You are so gorgeous” while another fan called her “flawless.” Another follower wrote, “Sexy boo” while another fan called her a “Sexy Barbie.” Another follower exclaimed “LAWD HAVE MERCY” while another fan called her the “prettiest girl in the world.”

Other followers brought out the peach emojis to show their appreciation for her sunned bun. “Your reels hit different,” one fan shared. “Always a vision of loveliness,” another follower gushed. “You have a beautiful figure,” another fan wrote.

“You are so hot in your picture,” another follower chimed in. “Absolutely beautiful,” another fan shared as fans continued to shower her post with heart-eye and fire emojis.


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