Kindly Myers Getting Seriously Playful While Posing In Green Lingerie

Model Kindly Myers is getting seriously playful while posing in some green lingerie!

The former-soldier-turned-model shared four snaps with her 3.6 million Instagram followers that showed her getting sassy and sticking out her tongue in striking green lingerie.

Kindly Myers Sticks Out Her Tongue In Green Lingerie

In her latest Instagram post, the Army National Reserve veteran put on a sassy display as she stuck out her tongue for her followers. She is wearing an emerald green bra with two straps traveling up and over her shoulder. The close-up photo allows fans to see all the delicate details in the cups of her lacy green fabric.

For this impromptu photo shoot, Kindly left her long blonde hair down, letting it fall straight over her shoulders. She wore her signature “Kindly” necklace along with silver stud earrings and accessorized her look with a glossy pink lip.

She really glammed up this look, applying shimmering purple eyeshadow to compliment her long, dark lashes as she teased her followers with yet another sultry display.

Kindly Practices Her Smolder In Her Impromptu Green Lingerie Photo Shoot

In another photo, the Playboy Playmate tilts her head slightly to the side as she parts her pink lips for the camera. She has one hand buried in her long blonde hair, showing off her two signature silver bracelets.

It looks like Kindly is sitting up in bed for this shot, with the white blankets of the covers clearly visible beneath her. Fans can also make out the rectangular headboard of the bed just behind her.

In the caption, the Nashville-based model wrote “Be all that you can be ⭐️” and tagged @honeybirdette for the stunning lingerie.

Fans Can All Agree That Kindly Looks Gorgeous In Green!

Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another shot, the popular OnlyFans model parts her lips and tilts her head to the right as she stares down at the camera. Fans couldn’t get enough of the steamy shots, although it’s clear from the comments that her fans liked the photo where she stuck out her tongue the best. One follower said that they liked it because it “shows sass.”


“Gorgeous and sexy in green lingerie,” another fan commented. “Always looking sexy,” another follower chimed in. “You are absolutely amazing and have a body of a goddess,” a third fan gushed. “Wowwww hot😍😍😍,” another follower wrote.

“Wow you are very sexy and hot❤️,” another fan exclaimed. “A stand out in green lingerie 🙌🙌🔥❤️❤️,” another follower added. “They’ve got the best ribs in Nashville,” another fan teased.  “You look lovely 🔥 ❤️ 😻 😸,” another follower shared.

Fans Love To See Kindly’s Sexy Lingerie Snaps

In the fourth and final photo of the Instagram carousel, the “Babes In Toyland” host tilted her head to the side as she stared down the camera yet again. Her lips are curved into a slightly smile as she gives fans a final look at her busty display.

“So beautiful 😍 and sexy 🔥,” one fan commented. “That’s Army Strong,” another follower teased. “I ant your bra,” a third fan chimed in. “Soo cute. I even looked at your face. 😍🙂❤️,” another follower joked. “You look Elegant in Emerald,” another fan chimed in. “You look so hot!!!” another follower exclaimed.

“WOW … these are great photos … and can see you’re having fun with it as well … green is a great color on you,” another follower shared. “A great shade of green! 😁,” another fan agreed. “Gorgeous enchanting and captivating 😘 😘,” another follower chimed in as fans continued to shower her post with compliments of “so pretty,” “absolutely gorgeous,” and “so beautiful.”

Kindly Knows How To Give Her Followers A Good Morning!

Every morning, Kindly posts a six-second video to her Instagram Stories to give her followers a wake-up call they can look forward to every morning.

In this video, she is wearing a pink workout bra and has her bright pink sweatpants tugged low around her hips as she moves them side to side for the camera, showing off the definition in her toned abs.


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