Kindly Myers Posts Braless To Celebrate Fall In Tactical Gear

Model Kindly Myers is celebrating the start of fall!

Although her millions of social media followers are no doubt going to miss the bikini posts that she usually shares over the summer, fans are excited to see what content she is going to bring as the weather gets colder.

On Tuesday, September 27, the former soldier turned model shared several snaps from her latest photo shoot, delighting fans who love it when she brings out her tactical gear.

Kindly Myers Put On A Busty Display In A Tiny Top and Tactical Gear

In her latest Instagram post, the Army National Reserve veteran flaunted her fit physique in Daisy dukes and a tiny peach-colored top that she wore unbuttoned on the front to show off her large chest. She wore black tactical gear over her shoulders and carried a handgun in both hands.

In previous photoshoots, the former soldier proved that she knows her way around a gun, posing with an Armalite rifle (either an AR-15 or an M-15) over one shoulder. In this shot, it appears that she is holding a Glock based on the shape of the gun.

In the caption, the Nashville-based model commented, “It’s fall y’all!” and tagged her usual photographer, @thomas_prusso_photography, for the stunning shots.

Kindly Myers Flaunts Her Toned Abs In Daisy Dukes

Kindly Myers Celebrates Fall In Tactical Gear and a Tiny Top
Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another shot, the “Babes In Toyland” host stands straight up and looks to one side. Her blonde hair is tied back in a neat bun on top of her head, although she left a few strands free to frame her face. She paired a muted pink lip dark eyeshadow and long lashes, highlighting her cheeks with only a little bit of rouge.

The definition in her toned abs is on full display in this shot as she poses with her legs spread and her arms by her side. She accessorized her look with several pieces of silver jewelry, including a chain necklace and several bracelets on each wrist. She also added a black watch to her right wrist.

Many of her fans and famous friends showered the post with red heart and fire emojis to show some love for her latest fall-themed photo shoot.


Fans Can’t Stop Gushing Over Kindly’s Latest Sultry Photo Shoot!

Kindly Myers Celebrates Fall In Tactical Gear and a Tiny Top
Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another photograph, the social media sensation has her hand on the side of her neck as she looks down, perhaps checking out her own fit physique. She is showing off the definition in her toned arms with her arm bent at an angle, her other arm still hanging by her side.

Her large “Invictus” tattoo is clearly visible along her left flank as she stands with the front of her denim short shorts unbuttoned, giving fans just a tiny peek at the curve of her sunned buns. Even though this is far from her most revealing photoshoot, fans couldn’t help but gush over her sultry snaps.

“Looks like a hot fall! 🔥🔥🥵🥵❤️❤️🙌🙌,” one fan commented. “Time for me to pack up my bikinis 👏,” another follower wrote. “I’m falling for you😍😍😍😍,” another punny fan teased.

Kindly Leaves Little To The Imagination In These Sultry Snaps!

Kindly Myers Celebrates Fall In Tactical Gear and a Tiny Top
Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another snap, the popular OnlyFans model is looking up. Her lips are parted, as if in surprise, as she glances at something off-camera, perhaps hidden by the yellow and orange foliage that surrounds her as she embraces the fall theme of her photo shoot.

In this shot, Kindly has both hands on her gun but is showing good trigger discipline as she leans forward with one leg bent in front of the other. She often talks about how much she loves to go shooting in her Instagram Stories, so it’s safe to say this former soldier knows how to use it!

“Can you be my bodyguard?” one follower asked. “Combat barbie 😍💕,” another fan gushed. “We need @kindly in an action movie ASAP… 😍❤️,” a third follower chimed in.

Fans Can’t Wait To See What Else Kindly Will Share This Fall!

Kindly Myers Celebrates Fall In Tactical Gear and a Tiny Top
Instagram | Kindly Myers

In the final shot of her Instagram carousel, Kindly’s blonde bangs are hanging in front of her face as she looks away from the camera. Her gun is in both hands as she stands with one leg in front of the other. It looks like she is hunting something, but she didn’t share any photos of any prey she might have caught!

One fan said that the outfit was giving them “Lara Croft vibes” while another follower told her “Looking bad— and gorgeous in that outfit with that 🔥physique 🤍🥰🤗.” A third fan told her “Body on point! 🔥” as fans continued to shower the post with compliments of “stunning,” “gorgeous,” and “perfect.”


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