Kylie Jenner Angrily Responds To Claims She’s Putting Customers At Risk!

Kylie Jenner said, “NOT TODAY BEAUTY SATAN!”

The cosmetics queen is furiously responding to claims she’s not following proper sanitary precautions and putting customers at risk.

Kylie Ditches Sanitary Gear While In The Lab

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

While many were curious about what exactly the magic was made up of, others commented on the fact that she lacked basically ALL of the required safety and sanitary laboratory gear.

Typically, when you’re in a lab of any kind you need a lab coat, which she had, a hairnet, gloves, goggles, shoe covers, and a face mask.

She didn’t wear any of that except for the lab coat.

MANY, and I mean MANY, of her followers commented with disgust on the post and reprimanded her for not following sanitary protocols.


“I just see so many lab rules not being followed,” one person commented.

Another added, “Going to find hair in the makeup.”

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

In fact, one cosmetic developer was so heated about Kylie’s post that he put her on blast.

Kevin James Bennet, aka @kjenettbeauty, went off on the beauty mogul in scathing Instagram post to his 55.4k followers.

Beauty Developer Goes OFF On Kylie!

He reshared her photos from inside the laboratory and captioned it, “I’m a cosmetic developer and work with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) as part of my job. I have very short hair, and I’ve NEVER been allowed into the lab or onto the manufacturing floor without a hair net, shoe covers, mask…and disposable GLOVES.”


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