Kylie Jenner Gives Topless Illusion In These Sultry Photos

Kylie Jenner is all about bringing the heat hotter on each try!

The 25-year-old star who is killing it in the business world never shies away from reminding her fans of her flawless and curvy body from various photoshoots. Sticking to her routine, she has turned it up a notch with a set of sultry photos that she shared on social media.

Kylie Jenner Gets Fans Drooling With Latest Pictures

Kylie Jenner Kim and Khloe Kardashian head out for dinner at Craigs in West Hollywood CA

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star showed off a considerable amount of skin while at a recent photoshoot. She gave her 370 million Instagram followers a look at her sexy physique in a barely covering top. The crop top, which gave the illusion of being see-through, displayed massive amounts of her underboob as she posed for the camera.

While the pink irregularly shaped sheer top also exposed a large part of her toned midsection, she paired it with a deep red skirt that fell all the way to her feet while hugging her curvy hips.

The makeup mogul also wore a jet-black wig that fell to her shoulders to complete the dark sultry look. The following slide featured the socialite in a blurred outlook wearing the same outfit with her hands halfway up, but a more up-close look that appreciates her busty assets.

Kylie Jenner's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

This was partly due to the star not observing the proper protocol for being in a lab by wearing the right gear to prevent contamination. After the backlash, the “Life of Kylie” star took to her Instagram page to show off her busty assets in a new look.

The entrepreneur oozed intense sex appeal as she stood in front of a floor-length mirror in what looked like a bathroom. With people around her, she glanced off to the right while cupping her bosom in full display, wearing a strapless black dress.

She tilted forward, making sure to give fans a good look at her ample assets while her hair fell around her shoulders. She spotted a smokey eyeshadow and a pink lip product from her own line.


Her captioned “loves a smokey glam” post garnered posts from friends and fans. With comments like “oh !!!!!!! A young sexy goddess,” Stun!!,” and a lot of red heart emojis. One fan noted how early she posted with “Omg Kylie, it’s 6 am,” ” Slay,” Go off,” while others said they were obsessed with her stunning look.

The “Kylie Skin” CEO Gives Update On Son’s Name

Kylie Jenner's 'Stalker' Arrested Outside Her Home, Trying To Deliver Flowers

Fans of the 25-year-old will recall that she recently gave birth to a boy, making it her second child with her off-and-on boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. Legittrend shared the mother-of-two and her partner initially named their son “Wolf Webster,” but it seems like that might not be the case anymore.

In an interview alongside momager Kris Jenner with James Corden on “The Late Late Show,” the media personality disclosed that her new son still does not have a name and also hinted at what they would name him. The duo who were there to promote season two of “The Kardashians” on Hulu revealed that Scott might be to blame for not naming their baby.

While Corden pressed Kylie about what her mom was like in the delivery room, she shared that after giving birth to her second child, they had initially named him “Wolf.” She then cleared things up via a now-removed Instagram story that it was not his name anymore as they felt it did not fit his personality.

Going further, the “Kylie Cosmetics” founder said that they have not yet legally changed his name while coyly avoiding mentioning what he is called when she was asked.

She also admitted that her beau keeps changing his mind about their son’s name, saying, “Oh, this name is kinda cool, and changes it again. So, we’re probably not gonna officially change it until maybe,” she said. The model added that they have decided on a name that is definitely not animal-themed.


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