Lauren Conrad Celebrates The End Of Summer At The Beach With Her Sons

Lauren Conrad and her sons Liam James, 5, and Charlie Wolf, 2, said goodbye to summer with some fun quality time on the beach. In a recent Instagram post, the “Laguna Beach” alum posted a carousel of photos of their beach getaway.

Lauren Conrad's son
Lauren Conrad – Instagram

Conrad’s Followers Loved The Beach Pics

The post was captioned, “We said goodbye to Summer in our happy place watching the sun rise and set, eating PB&Js on the beach and taking long walks.” Followers commented how adorable her boys are, and how great time spent at the beach is.

“Love Nantucket!!!! My favorite place!”

“Waiting for Charlie’s new album to drop called PJs & PB&Js”

“Sweet boys ❤️ can’t believe how big they are getting!”

“Not ready to say goodbye yet!! Sweet summer!”

“Now this is gorgeous!! Looks very idyllic 😍”

Everybody needs a happy place in the summertime.❤️”


“You’ve made such a good life for yourself. Happy to be a fan and see clips of your journey.”

Lauren Conrad's sons
Lauren Conrad – Instagram

Conrad’s Family Seems To Enjoy The Beach Vibes

The photos in the carousel show the boys on the beach, watching the sunset, holding a shell, and eating PB&J on the beach. These aren’t the first beachy pics Conrad, 36, has posted on social media. Last year, she posted snaps of the boys, who she shares with husband William Tell, on the beach playing on a surfboard, and enjoying a sandwich while relaxing in a beach chair.

Lauren Conrad's boys
Lauren Conrad – Instagram
Lauren Conrad's son
Lauren Conrad – Instagram

Conrad Recently Opened Up About Her Post-Pregnancy Journey

In May, Conrad opened up about her post-pregnancy struggles on the podcast “Perelel Lives.” She told host and Perelel co-founder Alex Taylor after the birth of her son Liam, she “lost herself.” “I was like, ‘I don’t know when I’m gonna get back,’” she said. “Like, ‘Am I just a new human now?’”

The reality star explained how nothing truly prepared her for life after birth. “I think I was just really focused on the exciting parts and knew I could get through the rest. It’s like a fun game that women play with each other because you know it’s worth it and you can’t just tell that to someone,” she said. “I had friends who told me just enough; they told me the things I needed to know. They helped me prepare with checklists and then were there for me afterwards, in a supportive way.”

“The Hills” alum said it took her around a year to start to feel like herself again. She said that a close female friend assured her that she would become “even better.” “The emotional journey afterwards…was just really challenging,” she explained.

Lauren Conrad's son
Lauren Conrad – Instagram

Conrad Is Open About The Real Moments Of Parenting

Conrad often posts the real side of parenting on her Instagram page, sharing with her followers the less-than-picture-perfect moments that all parents experience from time to time. In a February 2021 post, she showed a bathtime family photo captioned, “Happy Valentine’s Day!! This is honestly the only photo we took together this entire year. William hates photos, but I love him🤍.”

Lauren Conrad and family
Lauren Conrad – Instagram

Followers Found This Really Relatable

Comments on the post explained that she’s not alone in this. Some comments included, “You are not alone.. this is us too.. 😩,” “😂My partner hates photos too- I always sneak shot it,” “So relatable was feeling bad thought i was the only one❤️😂,” “Bummer.😢 My hubby doesn’t do photos either. 18 years of marriage and we have about 30 total pics,” “This is the cutest!! I have some that also hate pictures! This makes me feel not so alone ❤️.”


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