Love ‘Hold Me Closer’? Check Out Some Other Britney Spears #1 Hit Songs

Singer Britney Spears just released her first song in six years: “Hold Me Closer” with Sir Elton John.

The song is, unsurprisingly, a smashing success and fans are eagerly hoping that Britney will “Gimme More” new music.

While fans anxiously await Britney’s next song, here’s a look back at some other Britney Spears’ #1 hit songs… starting with “Hold Me Closer,” of course!

Britney Spears Fans Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Hold Me Closer’

On Friday, August 26, the pop princess released her first song since her stifling 13-year conservatorship and fans don’t have enough positive things to say about the remix of John’s 1971 hit song, “Tiny Dancer.”

“It’s amazing!!!” another fan wrote. “They both sound incredible. what an amazing way for Britney to be celebrated with a new song after everything.”

“OMG this song is a Masterpiece,” another fan gushed. “Britney sounds amazing the production is perfection, one of the best of the year!! We are coming for #1 all over the world Britney & Elton deserve it.”

“Britney on HER terms doing what SHE wants!” one fan commented. “So incredibly proud! One of my all-time favorite songs with Sir Elton, and our QUEEN, Britney Spears! I have chills! I’m so happy for her! DO YOU BRITNEY! DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!!”

Fans Are Going Back To All The Classics, Especially ‘…Baby One More Time’

Everyone has heard “…Baby One More Time” at least once in their life. The song was her debut single from her debut album of the same name and was released on September 28, 1998! Although the song’s 30th birthday is still a few years away, it’s a must on any Britney Spears playlist.

Fans took to the comments of the video to praise her hit single, with one fan writing, “Britney should be proud of what she has achieved in her career. Even today’s generation knows her name. She is unforgettable.”

“And History was made,” another fan commented. “The record execs must have been thinking… ‘Can we get away with this?’ ICONIC and utterly brilliant. Britney is a living legend and is going down as a great. Not simply a pop star of her generation, but as a true iconic in the hall of fame. And well deserved. Naturally.”


“This song could hit the airways 500 years from now and still be as fire as it was back in the day,” another fan added. “The fact that she was only 16 right here with such a strong voice, not a fan but I’ve always respected Britney to an extent, she really is a great artist and performer!” another user shared.

Fans Say ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ When They Hit The Play Button… Again!

Released on May 3, 2000, fans can’t stop gushing over this song or the music video. “One of the greatest Britney songs out there it’s so much fun and it really makes you want to groove,” one fan wrote. “I truly miss the 2000’s special times!”

“Can’t believe that this song is more than 20 years old,” another fan commented. “I am Britney’s generation, back then every girl wanted to be like her. This still has the vibe, like it would be released yesterday not two decades ago!”

“No matter what Britney will ALWAYS be iconic all her songs slap, and she herself is just legendary with everything she’s done she’s made amazing songs that were ahead of her time,” another fan shared.

“I grew up listening to Britney’s music and at the age of 32, I still have a great appreciation for it,” another fan added. “I am so happy that she is now free to take the reins of her own destiny. Britney, you are a legend!!!”

Fans Will Keep Listening To Britney Spears ‘Till The World Ends’

“Till The World Ends” and “I Wanna Go” were two of the strongest songs from Britney’s seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale,” which was released on March 25, 2011. It was actually her last album with Jive Records before the label shut down. Britney then turned to RCA Records to produce her eighth album, “Britney Jean” in 2013, and her ninth album, “Glory” in 2016.

“Something about this track keeps me always coming back,” one fan commented. “I’m not sure if the feelings I get from it are happy or sad or both…this song just invokes an incredible sense of both beauty and melancholy at the same time.”

Another fan wrote, “Britney you keep dancing till the world ends and enjoy your freedom.”

“Britney needs to make a comeback, this was 10 years ago, but I think she can still come back hard,” another fan commented. Given the success of “Hold Me Closer,” fans have their fingers crossed that Britney might become inspired to make a brand new album!


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