Newlyweds Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are Enjoying the Spooky Season

Newlyweds Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are enjoying the spooky season with an awfully shady costume.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Are Star-Crossed Lovers

Brooklyn Beckham Nicole Peltz and many other Celebrities attend the Booby Tape Halloween Party in West Hollywood

The couple dressed up as Shakespeare’s doomed love pair Romeo and Juliet. The costume was modeled after Baz Luhrmann’s version of the dramatic play. The couple attended the Tings Magazine x booby tape Halloween party in West Hollywood so why not dress up as icons playing icons.

In the film, Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio play the couple whose feuding families attempt to keep them apart. They sneak away and profess their love for one another before poisoning themselves and dying together.

Obviously, the story panned out a lot different for Beckham, 23, and his heiress wife Peltz, 27 but the costume is definitely an interesting choice.

Nicola Peltz Had A Feud With Victoria Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham Ashley Park Nicola Peltz leaving Valentino dinner during Paris Fashion Week

Peltz has been dodging rumors for some time now that she and her mother-in-law are on the outs. Shortly after the wedding, it was revealed that Peltz’s dress was not one made by Beckham, a noted designer. The world was confused because that was one of the exciting tidbits about her wedding, the dress, made by Victoria.

Instead, some of the wedding party, more notably, Victoria’s friends and family members had some of their wedding attire made by Victoria. All this work must have kept her busy because she definitely was not the designer of the actress’s final gown.

In addition, Peltz accused her mother-in-law of stealing the spotlight at her April wedding.


An Olive Branch Was Extended To Nicola Peltz & Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham and t Nicola Peltz at the club 55 in St tropez France St tropez on july 13 2022

In September it was reported that the families were attempting to mend the distance between themselves. Victoria extended an invite to the couple to her Paris Fashion Week show. They showed up early and got to chat with VB and her husband David Beckham.

The family was spotted laughing and chatting outside of the event including Brooklyn’s siblings. But since then, the family hasn’t been spotted together, and now, they show up to an event as Romeo and Juliet; that’s intense.

That being said, Peltz looked amazing she wore a plain white dress and big angel wings just like Danes in the film.

Beckham has on body armor resembling DiCaprio’s own. A plated chest accessory that featured a chain-link material-type top underneath. They partied with other celebs like model Ashley Graham, rapper Tyga, and actor Evan Ross.

What do you think? Is this costume a shady dig to the in-laws?


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