Nicole Scherzinger Hits The Gym In A Plunging Bra Top

Singer Nicole Scherzinger is slaying, not playing, in the gym in her latest workout video.

On Monday, the former Pussycat Doll dropped some serious workout motivation as she moved through a variety of exercises in a plunging bra top and matching leggings.

Nicole Scherzinger Puts On A Busty Display At The Gym In A Plunging Bra Top

In her latest Instagram video, “The Masked Singer” judge shared a twenty-second-long clip that featured her moving through a variety of exercises. She begins her video by doing burpees on a BOSU balance trainer before lifting it up over her head. She then begins to do jumping lunges with a kick off her back foot. The “Buttons” singer can also be seen doing a variety of twisting and rowing exercises using resistance cables attached to machines off-camera.

In the caption, Nicole wrote, “It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.” She topped off the post with a flex emoji and the hashtag #mondaymotivation as her fans cheered her on. “Yeah 👏🏼 and it’s not the motivation, it’s the discipline! 💪🏼,” one fan commented while another follower wrote, “Let’s get it!!!!”

Nicole Scherzinger workout video
Instagram | Nicole Scherzinger

“Fittest girly I know!!” another fan chimed in. “Warrior ❤️🔥,” another follower added. “I was missing your videos working out haha,” another fan shared. “That’s the spirit! Keep pushing. Love it. ❤️,” another follower gushed. “Give us your routine @nicolescherzinger you have the most 🔥 body please tell us,” another fan added as other followers called her “Gorgeous.”

Another fan shared, “I love that you post these types of videos! It shows how much work you have to put in to have the body you have. Young girls can’t think there’s something wrong with their body if it doesn’t naturally look like yours. You’ve got to work!” Another follower agreed, adding, “Girl with the best body on Earth. 🔥 You always motivate us. 💪🏼 Your work really have amazing results. 😍.”

This Isn’t The First Time Nicole Has Gotten Sweaty In The Gym!

In yet another Instagram post, the 44-year-old singer posted a 25-second clip that showed her running on the treadmills in a purple sports bra, matching leggings, and pink sneakers. The video also featured her seemingly struggling while holding a lunge and twisting a weighted ball over her head to work her obliques.

She also performed, squat jumps onto a small ledge, alternating lunges to a knee drives, and battle ropes before she dropped into a burpee and a squat jump, with a glute band around her thigh to increase the resistance.

Nicole Scherzinger posing for the camera.
Instagram | Nicole Scherzinger

In the caption, Nicole quoted, “If you stay in your comfort zone you will fail. So you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you ever want to be successful.” She added the hashtags #motivationalmonday and #putsomepressureon.

Fans loved the workout inspiration she provided, with one fan writing, “You really inspire me, Nicole! Keep going!!” Another follower commented, “When people ask ‘How’s her body look like that?!’ …Here you go! Get it, girl!” A third fan wrote, “Awesome!!! You look incredible!” Another follower added, “No wonder that body is just freakinnnnn puuuuurfect.”

But Wait… Nicole Has MORE Workout Videos To Share?!

In yet another Instagram video, the “Don’t Cha” singer continued to push herself to the limit in a colorful workout bra, patchwork leggings, and blue sneakers. In the nine-second clip, Nicole performs elevated curtsy lunges with one foot on a bench before it changes into her doing hand-to-ankle touches in a down dog position before she jumps up into a burpee and shows her hands to the camera.

The video transitions to show her performing a staggered deadlift while holding a weight with both hands. “Hope everyone had a good Monday!” she wrote in the caption. “Practice makes…improvement. 💪🏽 #mondaymotivation.”

Nicole Scherzinger
Instagram Stories | Nicole Scherzinger

Fans continued to thank her for sharing the workout motivation. “Couldn’t agree with that more. Practice makes IMPROVEMENT,” one fan commented. “I wish I was that strong! You look so healthy,” another follower wrote. “Your workouts are so inspiring,” added a third fan. “Killing that workout Nicole!” another fan added.

Interested in more Nicole Scherzinger content? In another recent Instagram post, she released a photo dump of her celebrating “Bun-Day” as she flaunted her sunned buns in a tiny thong bikini at the beach. Fans can check out those sultry summer snaps by clicking here.


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