Pregnant Heather Rae Young Shares Stunning Photos As She Reveals Her Approach To Motherhood

As the intentional Heather Rae Young enjoys every moment of being pregnant with her unborn son, she is setting how she wants to approach motherhood ahead of the child’s birth.

Taking to Instagram with a few remarkable pictures, she detailed her approach to motherhood, hinting that she wants to be an involved mother irrespective of how busy her career gets.

Heather Rae Young Wants To Be Present And Intentional About Motherhood

Heather Rae Young's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Heather Rae Young

The expectant mother never ceases to draw attention with her unblemished beauty, and now with her pregnant frame, she still looks just as radiant. In the shared post, fans got to see her looking stunning in a coffee-colored suit ensemble comprising a waistcoat and partially zipped pants.

There were two photos featured in the update; the first showed a head-to-knee length view of her, while the second was a closer shot up to her waist. Heather was photographed in a neutral-colored room with walls matching her outfit. She could be seen leaning on the wall as she struck a fierce pose with her hands in her pants pockets.

The waistcoat was partially buttoned, teasing her followers with a view of her cleavage and a full display of her rounded belly. In the first snap, she looked away from the camera, giving a fierce look, while in the second, she gave a sultry look while slightly bending her head.

The post’s caption began, “Currently: the perfect mix of busy working mom-to-be and enjoying every moment of growing our boy.” The 35-year-old went on to express that even though she felt busier than ever, she had many moments where she paused to do minor things like feeling her belly or smiling whenever the unborn baby kicked.

She believed she had tried to do everything with intention throughout her life, which was the exact way she wanted to approach motherhood: “with meaningful intention instead of just going through the motions.”

Heather Rae Young

Heather continued, “I want to be the type of mom who works and has an amazing career but who also is there for all of the moments, big or small, for our baby boy.” She plans on being “present, involved, loving, and supportive,” with her only hope to be one of her son’s role models one day.


In conclusion, she wrote, “I think setting these kinds of intentions early on is important, and even if you’re not pregnant, you can do the same [red heart emoji].” Thousands took no time in reacting to the post using lots of love emojis, including her husband Tarek El Moussa, who wrote, “I miss you!!!!” alongside the emojis.

The former Playboy Playmate of the Month, who is no stranger to sharing details of her life on the gram, told her fans late last month about being more motivated with her pregnancy.

As reported earlier, she revealed so in an Instagram post featuring her in nothing but black high-waisted leggings and a bra while holding a drink can in her hands. Parts of her caption implied that the news of her pregnancy came at an “interesting time” in her life, prompting her to feel more inspired to “build an empire.”

Heather Rae Young's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Heather Rae Young

She also believed all mothers are superheroes who put in a lot of work in raising kids before expressing how happy she felt knowing her son would see her play both roles successfully.

The “Selling Sunset” Star Disclosed Her Stepchildren’s Reaction To Pregnancy News

It is no news that Heather’s pregnancy announcement was met with numerous cheers from fans far and wide; however, several were not aware of her stepkids’ reaction to the information.

As we previously reported, the reality star who shares her stepchildren, 12-year-old Taylor and 7-year-old Brayden, with her husband, disclosed how they reacted to the news on social media. The picture featured in the post showed Heather and Taylor sitting in the backseat of a car, with the teenager planting a kiss on her stepmom’s cheek.

The caption revealed that the TV star could not have asked for a better response from her stepkids regarding the pregnancy.

She further explained that Taylor heard the update the same night she told her spouse, and she could not wait for her to be “the best big sister to another baby brother.”


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