Selma Blair’s Ex Claims Assault Accusations By Actress Are ‘Baseless Rumors’

The truth behind what really happened between Selma Blair and Ronald Carlson is still being investigated by law enforcement.

As we reported, earlier this year, the “Cruel Intentions” actress and her ex-boyfriend filed competing for restraining orders against one another, with both parties attaching graphic photographs of injuries they claimed came at the hands of the other.

On September 13, a Los Angeles court held a hearing on the case, and neither party was present so the court granted its ruling and dismissed both restraining orders. Although no reason for the dismissal was stated in the court records, a representative for Carlson is addressing the “baseless rumors” that Blair claimed in her initial court filing.

L.A. County Continues To Investigate The Physical Dispute Between Selma Blair and Ronald Carlson

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In a statement provided to The Blast, Carlson’s publicist points out that his bail has been returned and he has “not been charged with any wrongdoing period,” despite the “Dancing With The Stars” contestant’s claim that he strangled her and threatened to kill her in her initial court filing.

Adding, “Selma Blair’s team reached out to Mr. Carlson’s legal team and requested that the restraining orders be dropped. The TROs that were in place against Selma Blair and Mr. Carlson were mutually dismissed this week.”

Despite Blair telling the court that she was afraid for her life and the life of her young son, the police have not charged Carlson with a crime and the restraining order against him has been dismissed. However, it’s still possible that charges will be filed against one or either party as law enforcement officials continue their investigation.

“There are currently no charges pending against Mr. Carlson and no restrictions placed on him by any court,” she continued. “The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office is continuing to investigate whether to charge one party, both parties, or no one.”

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Carlson seems confident that justice will prevail and that the world will learn “the truth” about what really happened during their physical altercation earlier this year. It seems Carlson is not only looking to clear the air for himself, but also for his young daughter, who has experienced “great pain” as a result of these allegations.

“Mr. Carlson has patiently and quietly stood by while the LAPD and LACA have conducted their investigation and looks forward to their decision and the truth about what occurred,” she added. “Still, these continued false allegations have caused Mr. Carlson and his daughter great pain, and he wishes to move on from these baseless rumors.”


The rep. concluded, “While the wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, Mr. Carlson is confident that justice, in this case, will occur and his name will be cleared.”

Ronald Carlson Claims He Suffered Scratches and Bruises During Physical Altercation

Ronald Carlson seeks a restraining order
The Blast

In court documents filed earlier this year, Carlson alleges that Blair “attacked me at her home, causing injuries to my face and body. Unfortunately, even though Selma was the aggressor and the one who initiated the attack, and I was the victim, she called the police after I left her home and falsely claimed that I had attacked her.”

In the legal papers, Carlson explained, “We were still seated on the couch when she began to attack me with both arms, scratching and flailing toward my face. She hit and scratched my nose, eyes, and cheeks numerous times.”

Ronald Carlson seeks a restraining order
The Blast

Carlson submitted multiple images showing injuries sustained to his eyes, cheeks, and nose, which he claims were a result of the physical altercation. In addition to the red marks, he also claims that his left eye was “black and bruised and swollen.”

However, Blair’s version of the story is much different. She claims that the two got into a verbal argument while she was lying on the sofa, heavily medicated due to her Multiple Sclerosis treatment. During the argument, Blair claims that Carlson lunged at her “and strangled her, throttling her and shaking her head and shoulders aggressively.” Blair claims that she lost consciousness as a result of the attack.

Selma Blair and Ronald Carlson seek restraining orders against each other
The Blast

Photographs in the LAPD Investigative Report report “One photo from her full face, three photos from the red marks around her neck and under her chin, and three photos from the red marks on her left and right hand.”


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