Serena Williams Says She’s Dabbling in a New Sport (and It’s Harder Than She Was Anticipating)

Serena Williams has picked up a new sports role, and she is excited!

The star athlete might be retired from tennis, but her days in the game of sport are far from over. Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, 5, whom the 40-year-old shares with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian Sr, enjoy soccer and began her practice recently. As usual, Williams was there to show support and relax but ended up joining her daughter to get dirty.

Serena Williams Gets New Position In Daughter’s Soccer Practice

Alexis Ohanian's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Alexis Ohanian

The tennis icon is recounting something significant that happened to her unexpectedly to fans via social media. She shared a video on her Instagram page explaining how she got a new role when she attended her daughter’s first soccer practice four days ago. The clip’s caption read:

“True story: I showed up to Olympia’s first soccer practice. And she was so nervous she would NOT leave my side. So they needed volunteers to be assistant coaches. So now, I am an assistant coach (when I can) and clearly I was not prepared.”

The proud mom was drenched in sweat in the video and added that she initially went to the game to chill but left looking as she did. She did not forget to flex by noting the type of car she took to the venue, which she said was not a minivan. Ending the caption with “Modern day soccer mom. Maybe I’ll call up @weareangelcity.”

The twenty-three-time Grand Slam winner was not the only parent that attended Olympia’s soccer practice, as her dad was also present. He posted a picture on his Instagram which featured the father-daughter duo side by side at the same age, dressed in almost identical soccer gear. In the caption, he wrote:

“Today was the first day of soccer practice for @olympianohanian just a few decades later for me. Owning @weareangelcity was her destiny.”

The proud parents seem to be gearing up for new sports records in the family as their daughter might have inherited some of her super athlete pro mom’s genes.

Two years ago, the toddler made waves in the world of sports when she became the youngest owner of any professional sports team; going further, she earned her stripes while showing off her football skills alongside “Angel City F.C.” players.


The 40-year-old’s genes seem to be manifesting in her daughter, as a clip posted to her Instagram page showed the budding star kicking a ball around a field with several adults surrounding her. While her first attempt did not end in a goal, her second attempt did.

The post garnered thousands of likes and comments from fans like, “it was the back kick for me!” “Awww, baby Olympia is getting so big! Look at her flexing her skills! She scored on her papa. Wow.”

Highest Earning Female Athlete Take On ‘N.Y.F.W.’ With Daughter

Portrait of Serena Williams and daughter Olympia Ohanian posted on her Instagram page
Instagram | Serena Williams

An earlier report stated that after dominating the sports world, Williams is set to take over the fashion scene, and she is not doing it alone — daughter Olympia will be joining her. The undisputed G.O.A.T., through her clothing line, actively participated as a designer in New York Fashion Week, showcasing her brand, S by Serena, and V.I.P. guest.

The runway event happened at the fashion show’s Glam Slam segment, a collaborative project between Spring Studios, International Management Group (I.M.G.), and Chase Sapphire. The theme featured models strutting down a blue-tiled tennis court adorned in Williams’ Fall collection, which was a tennis-meets-fashion concept with a rooftop runway.

In an uploaded video montage, the designer gave a special shoutout to everyone that was involved in the function while showing fans some behind-the-scenes footage from before the show.

One highlight, in particular, was Olympia stealing the entire show with her cuteness. The little girl showed up in a casual ensemble, dressed in a top from her mother’s S by Serena line paired with jeans and sneakers.


Her look was enhanced by the white beads placed in her braided hair. In the clip, she was captured running across the court towards her mother, sitting in her lap and joining the star in leading the models offstage.

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