Social Media Accuses Kylie Jenner Of Not Using Her Kylie Baby Products

Social media is calling Kylie Jenner’s bluff.

The cosmetics mogul’s Kylie Baby line recently became available for sale in the UK at Selfridges.

Kylie promoted the big day on social media on September 1st.

Kylie Jenner Available In UK Stores

“We made it to @theofficialselfridges UK!!!!! 🤍☁️ i can’t wait for more families to try @kyliebaby! it’s been a blessing to create clean and vegan products that i know are safe to use on my kids. and they’re amazing 🥹🥹 go check it out,” she wrote.

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Of course, comments came rolling in… and many were doubtful that Kylie actually uses the products on her own kids.

Social Media Doubts Kylie Actually Uses Her Products On Her Kids

One person commented, “Let’s be honest this is not what u use on ur kids😂.”

Another person urged consumers to double check the ingredients to ensure Kylie wasn’t lying.

“Research the ingredients!! See if they are truly safe!! Legit these celebs be putting harmful ingredients in their products intentionally,” the comment read.

Someone joked that Stormi’s face said everything buyers needed to know, “She’s looking like ‘girl you know we don’t use this at home.’”

One woman was really on one and left a scathing response.

“Oh yea just what our children need is more crap from these women they don’t even use the products they sell this comes from a person who worked for them it’s all about getting your money. I’d rather go to Vegas than help her buy another car and so should all of you,” she wrote. “Your paying for t he. name not overpriced crap don’t buy anything. From Kylie they don’t care about there customers at all. And work there employees like dogs and don’t. pay what they are worth and these women have no beauty training at all no cosmetic trading at also. You know they have no idea what’s in there products just take there money is what they were taught.”


A few other people were just curious why she didn’t include her seven-month-old son was included in the Kylie Baby campaign.



In the event you haven’t kept up with Kylie and company, the promotional photos for Kylie Baby were taken well over a year ago before she was even pregnant with baby number two.

Kylie first introduced Kylie Baby on social media on September 21, 2021; however, the promotional content was shot long before it came out.

She gave birth to her second child with Travis Scott on February 2nd. Kylie announced she named their son “Wolf Webster.”

A few weeks after the announcement, Kylie issued a social media note explaining that his name is no longer Wolf.

“FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore,” the announcement began. “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

The Kardashians” season two trailer hints that fans will get to see more of Kylie and her pregnancy journey.

She wasn’t featured too much on season one of their Hulu reality show.


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