‘Texas Thighs’ Courtney Ann Takes Her Tiny Bikini To The Hot Tub

Model Courtney Ann, who goes by Texas Thighs on Instagram, has attracted 1.2 million followers who have fallen in love with her seriously steamy snaps!

Over the weekend, she took her tiny bikini to the hot tub before she later warmed up in front of the fireplace in yet another tiny thong bikini. Take a look!

OnlyFans Model Courtney Ann Takes Her Bikini To The ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

Over the weekend, Courtney Ann, who goes by Texas Thighs on social media, shared a trio of snaps on her Instagram page. The photos feature her standing in her hot tub or leaning against the side in a brown thong bikini. The wet material looks to be stretched across her tanned skin, the brown straps crisscrossed around her neck.

The straps of her brown thong bikini hang loosely over her hips, although Courtney didn’t turn around and give any shots of her sunned buns this time around. Instead, she showed off her fit figure from the front as she tried out a variety of poses for the camera.

In the caption, the mom of two teenage girls wrote, “Hot tub Time Machine 😜 When you get the super country suite with the private outdoor hot tub, then you get allll the fun hot tub content 😜🔥 Just a sneak peek ☺️ Hope your Saturday is sweet 💗.”

Fans couldn’t get enough of her sultry snaps. “Looking great!!!” one fan exclaimed. “Omg. You’re burning up. Sexiest woman alive,” another follower gushed as they dropped fire emojis all over her post. “Look at you. Could not get any better,” a third fan chimed in.

“Words cannot describe how beautiful you are!” another follower added. “You are one beautiful and sexy lady!” another follower commented. “Love the hair color,” another fan shared. “Love that bikini! Smoking hot!” another follower chimed in.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” another fan agreed. “You look amazing in that outfit,” another follower wrote. “Sweet color on you… chocolate covered!” another fan commented. It sounds like her followers might be trying to give her ideas for what to post on Valentine’s Day!


Courtney Got Soaking Wet… But At Least It Looks Like She’s Dried Off!

In a follow-up post on Wednesday afternoon, it looks like the adult content creator found a clever way to get dry by posing in front of the fireplace in a tiny thong that looked to be made of more straps than fabric. In her latest Instagram post, she posted another trio of snaps that led a lot of fans to drop peach emojis in the comments.

In this impromptu photo shoot, she didn’t give fans a look at the front of her lingerie. She only gave fans a side view of her bra, which seemed to feature sheer detailing on the front. She sat barefoot on her knees on a cowhide rug, keeping warm in front of the fireplace.

In the caption, Courtney wrote, “Humpday views in the very ‘Fort Worth Stockyards’ room 😜 Fireplace and a cowhide rug 🔥 What more can ya ask for? 😉.” Nikole Mitchell, who previously has appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Dr. Phil,” commented, “I literally googled last night ‘Fort Worth Stockyards’ to know what it was😂.” She wasn’t the only one, with another fan telling her “Stockyards are awesome.”

“Came to the conclusion that the G string was invented just for you Courtney,” another follower teased. “Those cowhide rugs are so itchy haha 😛 looking gorgeous! 🔥,” another fan chimed in. “Sorry, I didn’t even notice the room,” another follower admitted. “Bootylicious!!!” another fan exclaimed. “You look very beautiful and sexy,” another follower shared.

Many fans continued to gush over her stunning snaps, praising her “giant peach” and her barefoot photos! Although the popular OnlyFans model revealed that she’s pretty “new” to this, it looks like she is happy to please her followers!

“It’s all so new, this influencer-slash-model thing,” Courtney told NBC News last June. “Under taxes, I’m classified as a model, but it’s not the normal sense of the word.”

“I’m a self-made entrepreneur,” she added. “I run my own Maxim.”


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