Tia Mowry Details Her Impressive Weight Loss Journey After Choosing To Stay ‘Consistent’

Tia Mowry details her impressive weight loss journey after choosing to stay ‘consistent’

Tia Mowry has had quite an interesting year especially given her separation from her husband of fourteen years, Cory Hardrict, in October.

And now, she is showing the world that consistency pays off as she details her laudable weight loss journey on social media while indicating her choice to prioritize herself amid the divorce.

Tia Mowry Chooses Consistency In Working On And For Herself

Tia Mowry and a friend were seen leavings dinner at Catch Steak in West Hollywood, CA

Using a “How it started vs. How it’s going” theme for her reel, Mowry could be seen in different transitions; all showed her donning several two-piece active wears. Beginning with a chubbier version of herself, she was filmed doing squats and having a fitness session involving her legs with an instructor.

The clip also showed her evolution to the shapely woman she is now, with credit to her intense workout routine over the years. As evidenced in the Instagram reel, the “Detention” actress became quite the expert in skipping as she went from the basic process to showing off some excellent skills with the rope.

While her fitness narrative played, a self-love soundtrack could also be heard in sync, and in the caption, she wrote, “POV: you stayed consistent. Working on myself, for myself, by myself. Let’s get it!!,” alongside some emojis acknowledging the praiseworthy feat.

The inspiring video gained over a million plays, with hundreds of thousands flooding it with likes, while several commended the movie star on her accomplishment. Mowry seems to be basking in being single after more than a decade of marriage as she marked her first Thanksgiving this year in a long time as a single woman.

She took to her Instagram to share her delightful celebration with fans using a peaceful video of herself sitting on a low bench outside her window. Looking as gorgeous as ever, the “Seventeen Again” actress wore a short white belted gown accentuating her shapely and unblemished long legs.

Also, while drawing more attention to her limbs, she paired her outfit with beige stilettos and simple ankle chains. And as for jewelry, she opted for statement pieces, including gold hoops.


Furthermore, she added, “POV: you chased your peace, happiness, and joy” on the reel, which was part of a recording of Snoop Dogg’s award acceptance speech, where he appreciated himself. The same recording could be heard playing in the background.

Expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to her growth and evolution, the 44-year-old partly wrote in her caption, “I’m thankful for God. I’m thankful for my friends and family who lift me up and for my community and all the strong women who are growing and evolving with me.”

She also encouraged her followers to get some flowers as she did, as she believed they deserved it. In conclusion, she wished them a “Happy Thanksgiving!” adding several loving emojis.

The ‘Baggage Claim’ Star Shares Self-care Plans For The Festive Season

Tia Mowry is all smiles while working up a sweat at the gym after becoming newly single and filing for divorce

Mowry never shies away from including her fans in her life happenings since announcing her and her ex’s split. She is also all about self-care, which she recently shared details of for the holiday season.

As seen on her Instagram, the “Indivisible” actress filmed herself telling viewers that her plan to maintain her “self-care practice” throughout the holidays was to spend quality time with her family.

However, she knew she could not do that without showing up for herself. To move forward with her intentions, Mowry planned to do “mindful movements” comprising brief meditation sessions in the morning, neighborhood walks, and long baths at night with prayers.

The “Bratz” star further mentioned that she would create a minimum of 30 minutes to herself to help her “feel grounded and at peace.” She felt it was something she could lean into as it assisted her in maintaining “a sense of routine,” which was so “incredibly important” to her.

Rounding up her helpful message, Mowry posed a question to her fans, asking them to share how they intended to maintain their self-care during the holidays. The post would no doubt remind fans of the entrepreneur’s motivational morning routine revealed weeks ago, which she confessed enabled her to clear her mind and hit the “reset button.”


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