UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Proves She’s ‘Still A Bad Girl’

Not only is she very popular with MMA fans, but she has even gone on to be a four-time winner of “Ringcard Girl of the Year.”

When she is not inside the ring, Palmer is focusing on boosting her social media and promoting her OnlyFans account — and her latest Reel is no different.

Brittney Palmer Is “So Bad It’s Good”

Brittney Palmer Disneyland
Instagram | Brittney Palmer

The 35-year-old posted a Reel to Instagram of herself dancing in black pants and a black crop top, which she captioned, “Still a bad girl. #iykyk.”

Fans did not hesitate to comment on the video as one user said, “Let’s get bad together 😉.”

“So bad it’s good 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” one of Palmer’s followers wrote as another chimed in, “Being bad is good too 😏😉.”

Another Instagram user wrote, “I need a bad girl like you, but will always wish it was you…❤️.”

“My goodness you are so beautiful and gorgeous,” one of Palmer’s followers said in the comments section.

Brittney Palmer Stuns In Fishnets

In another Instagram post, the UFC babe stunned her Instagram followers once again when she bared it all in a pair of fishnet leggings, with no pants or skirt, and a simple black bra. She also wore a pair of black combat boots and a beanie that reads “Peace” and “Love.”

Because she is bearing it all, fans can really see all of her tattoos on her body, including a saying of some sort on her back and an anchor on her ribs.

The UFC ring girl is posing while sitting on the arm of a big white chair fit for a queen.

“Peace, love and fishnets. ❄️ #christmasiscoming #IYKYK,” she captioned the post.

Brittney Palmer Named “Ringcard Girl of the Year” — Again

Brittney Palmer was recently named “Ringcard Girl of the Year” for a fourth time. Posing topless with an arm covering her breasts, she wrote, “Sweet nothings.”

In another message, she celebrated the big achievement by writing, “Thank you all so much for the continued love and support. It’s truly an honor to work with @UFC and the fans that make this all possible.” She also put a red heart emoji to show her gratefulness.

Palmer’s Past With Playboy

Prior to making an OnlyFans account or becoming a four-time “Ringcard Girl of the Year”, Brittney Palmer posed for the cover of Playboy magazine in 2012.

”It’s a great story, again I was really young so to be a part of something so big so young it was really, really cool,” Palmer said when speaking to the experience.

“There was a lot of nerves attached to it. I remember Steve Shaw, which was my photographer, he had to open a bottle of champagne and it was like 10 am. He was like ‘We gotta get her some champagne to loosen her up’,” she continued. “I was so nervous because I was used to doing photoshoots before, but on a shoot like that you have a staff of maybe 20 people working on this shoot and everybody’s poking at you.”


Overall, Brittney Palmer loved the experience she had with Playboy as she went on to say, “But it was really cool and Playboy treated me very well. I did a beautiful press tour after, which was super fun. I got to go to big news station and really make it something big and UFC was really supportive and on board and the rest was history.”

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