Video: Robert Irwin Rescues An Unexpected Visitor ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Style

Robert Irwin is keeping his father’s spirit and memory alive with the work he does. Fearless like his father, The Crocodile Hunter was, he has the same love and admiration for animals as his beloved father did. A recent video Robert, 18, posted to his Instagram page proves just that.

Robert Is Brave And Caring Just Like Dad Steve Was

While most people on this planet would probably run and scream at the sight of a scrub python, the video shows Robert saving the “unexpected visitor” in the same manner his father would, and with the same enthusiasm.  The post captioned, “Finding an unexpected visitor to the outdoor shower at our camp on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve… thought I’d give him a helping hand!” had viewers reminiscing about The Crocodile Hunter‘s days saving animals while teaching the world all about them. 

“You really are your father’s son ❤️”

“Had me on the edge of my seat the whole video. Great work Robert 🤗”

“So much like his dad ❤️ it’s amazing to see”

“Papa is so proud. Keep it up, young king. ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Its amazing watching you brother.. the resemblance of your father really brings me back to my childhood. Thank you for all that you do and be safe!”

“I would be screaming!! You are your father’s son for sure!”


“The way you said please don’t bite me on the face your dad is so incredibly proud of you”

“Yep…… Everyone needs Robert at their campsite!”

“There you go, giving me the same kind of anxiety your dad gave me. It’s like watching him ❤️”

“Ok…. I have no idea how you kept your cool knowing he was poised to strike several times. I mean… WELL DONE! Really impressive! ❤️ Man, I’m so glad you’ve picked up where your dad left off. It’s like we got a piece of him still with us. Bless you ❤️”

It’s clear that the world misses Steve and all he did for animals but having Robert here to pick up where he left off helps to fill that void. Steve died in September 2006 at the age of 44 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming in the Great Barrier Reef. At the time of his death, Robert was only 2 years old and his older sister Bindi was 8. The two, along with their mom Terri, have kept his spirit, love, and mission alive and well.

Robert Has A New Exciting Project In The Works

Just a few weeks ago, Robert posted an Instagram teaser of a new project he’s been working on captioning the post, “A project years in the making coming soon…”

Robert Irwin's new project
Robert Irwin – Instagram

Other than announcing the project’s name and when it will launch, Robert hasn’t given any other details. His Instagram followers are excited with many of the comments on the post being, “Can’t wait.”  His Twitter followers tried to guess what this project could be – a documentary, a book, a TV show, a film – but no answers have been given yet.

He teased his followers with another post just a few days after the first announcement simply captioned, “Adventure awaits…”

Robert Irwin's new project
Robert Irwin – Instagram

In addition to his animal advocacy, working at the Australian Zoo, and the new mystery project, Robert is also a photographer who seems to specialize in nature, animals, and the world around us.

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