What Turns Men On? 20 Desirable Traits Men Want to See In a Woman

You might think that you know what turns men on, but how can you be sure? Sure, nowadays, it feels like you don’t need to do much to get a guy’s attention, but if you want the right attention, you need to work a little harder.

With social media and dating apps, your competition is pretty steep. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find yourself a guy. There are probably a good handful of men that want you, but just because they want you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make him chase you. Isn’t that what people love about dating? The chase?

Learning what turns a man on isn’t that hard but if you want to sort out the time-wasters from those who are worth keeping around, it’s important to be informed and know how to show your desirable side in the right way.

What turns men on?

If you have a naked man in your bed, good for you! But what are you going to do now? This is the moment where you need to get things going and make him lose his mind over you. Listen, don’t freak out, it’s really not as difficult as it sounds.

The good thing in your search for what turns men on is you’re here reading this. You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you some suggestions on the things you can do to turn him on. If he’s lying naked in your bed because you want him to, the power is in your hands to rock his world. However, if he’s not in your bedroom just yet, it’s still not that difficult to make sure that’s where he wants to be.

1. Love your body and rock your confidence

You thought we were going to tell you things that you need to do to him? Well, not right now. If you’re wondering what turns men on, love yourself. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s confident about her body. Yes, there’s a jiggle here and there, but that’s what makes your body beautiful. And if you own it, well, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

2. Focus on having fun in bed

This is heavily tied to loving yourself. Once you’re comfortable in your body, sex won’t be something to worry about. Why would you worry? You’re fully invested at the moment, and you’re not worrying about what you look like or what he’s thinking. You’re having fun. Now, that will turn on anyone.

3. Make it clear that you want him

As women, we’re taught to believe we shouldn’t let a guy know we’re interested in them. But both men and women want to feel desired. There’s nothing wrong with having sexual feelings toward someone. It’s okay for him to know you like him; it’s okay for him to know you want him. It will also make him more confident because he isn’t going to be scared of rejection.

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4. Turn up the dirty talk

When it comes to sex, whether you’re a man or woman, it all starts in the mind. If you’re not mentally aroused by each other, the sex will be less than impressive. Be verbal and express what feels good, what you like, and what you want him to do. It’ll get his imagination rolling, and that’s exactly what you want. 

Dirty talk might feel awkward at first, but you simply need to throw your inhibitions away, use words that you’re comfortable with, and let your imagination flow!

5. Keep an open mind

If you’re not comfortable doing something, you don’t need to do it. Being open-minded has nothing to do with following his orders. But if he’s into something that you don’t really like, don’t judge him for it. Everyone is into different things. If you’re open to trying new things, make sure you have a safe word.

6. Make eye contact

Everything starts in the eyes. If you want to know what a person is thinking or feeling, you look in their eyes. Eye contact is a major part of non-verbal communication. It can show him how much you want him, or hint to him that he better wake up and make a move. That doesn’t mean you should stare at him, but instead, hold his gaze and let him know without a doubt that you’re totally into him.

7. Have a sexy make-out session

You don’t need to go for a long make-out session. Sometimes having a short make-out session is more passionate. Does it have to lead to sex? No. But with enough intensity, it’ll build up the tension between you for the next time you see each other. It also shows him that you can’t keep your hands off him and that’s sure to turn him on.

8. Sext up a storm

This is a great way to turn a man on when he’s miles away from you. You don’t need to wait the whole day until you see him turn him on. Instead, carry it out through the day with sexts. Whether it’s a naughty selfie or a “thinking of you makes me wet” text message, it’ll hit the spot.

9. Make some noise

One problem many men have comes down to noise. Some men feel women aren’t loud enough when having sex. Some people are naturally quiet, but other women are nervous to let go. You don’t need to yell, but let yourself go enough to enjoy the moment and express your feelings.


10. Try a foot massage

If you don’t like feet, skip this one. But if feet are your thing, then a sexy foot massage is the perfect way to make him feel relaxed. Stress is always an issue when it comes to sex, but if you can reduce his stress, he’ll be in the mood for sex.

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11. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy

Confidence is highly connected to your sexual experience. If you’re feeling sexy, then you’re more willing to be present during sex. You can wear lingerie, boyshorts, or a cami; anything that makes you feel sexy and confident.

12. Use a toy

Trying something new in the bedroom is always a great way to connect with your partner and turn him on. Sex toys are becoming popular among couples and individuals in the bedroom. Plus, they can hit the spots you, and he, can’t.

13. Give BDSM a go

It doesn’t have to be intense BDSM, but incorporating some light spanking or bondage can always add a spark in the bedroom. You can tie him up or vice versa, but he’ll definitely be aroused with the idea of trying something new.

14. Think outside of the bedroom

We always focus on sex when it comes to turning a man on. But arousal doesn’t have to be from lingerie or sex toys. Instead, it can be from booking a surprise vacation or having sex outside. Anything that’s a change from the regular routine can turn a man on.

15. Give him compliments

But only if you mean it. We all love being complimented by someone we like. It gives us a little ego boost and makes us feel good that we’re desired. Partners need to show each other that they want one another. If not, the spark will fade. Give your partner genuine compliments, and they’ll be all over you.

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16. Suggest watching porn together

Can you imagine the look of sheer joy on his face when you suggest watching porn together? It’s sure to turn him on! There are some titles on the market that are designed for couples, so find the best option together and settle yourselves down for some sexy fun!

17. Let him know you only have eyes for him

Sure, you’re a sexy, independent female and you always look good because it makes you feel amazing, but let him know you only have eyes for him and it will drive him wild. Far too many women try to make their men jealous and it backfires. There’s nothing sexier than a hot, faithful woman.

18. Tell him what you want

Far too many guys worry that they’re not doing enough to satisfy their partner, but that’s because they’re not sure what to try. Take the pressure off and just tell him what you want him to do. Direct him gently and if he doesn’t get the message, you do it and show him instead. It will make your sex life ten times better and probably bring you closer together too.

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19. Masturbate in front of him

For most guys, female masturbation is a major hot topic. It’s something that’s done in private, so why not give him a special show? Lay back and get it on with yourself, focusing only on the sensations to take away your potential nerves. He’ll go crazy!

20. Don’t stand for bad behavior

Our final point might seem a little odd when it comes to learning what turns men on, but a woman who won’t stand for any crap is super-sexy. Let him know that you care for him and find him sexy but that you won’t stand for any bad behavior on his part. Strong, super-sexy, and into him because you want to be. What’s better than that?

Everyone wants to be turned on by someone they like. And if he’s into you, he’ll love some of these moves. Try out some of these tips for what turns men on, and your guy will love you more for it!


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